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My first major program

So I’ve been learning C# for some time now, and I just finished up my First SIGNIFICANT project that wasn’t related to an example or an exercise out of a book I was reading. I wrote a game based sorta around Final Fantasy. I need to do some polish and I’ll post it here after I post it on Lost Company I did promise it to the Fans first.

I did write a small timer a few months ago (Read I.E. I took the initial code from someone at Code Project and heavily modified it for my needs) that I’ve been using at work to remind me to do a task. I’ll post this one once I find it on my share I know I have it archived somewhere.

10:10    Hellz-home       Halloween seems to be an extraordinary event in usa
10:11    Mentat-Work     it’s a time where adults get to act like children and it’s socially acceptable.
10:11    Ancaritha           yea pretty much : P
10:14    Hellz-home        what is the event where girl shows boobs ?
10:14    Hellz-home        : D
10:14    Hellz-home        i like this one
10:15    Mentat-Work      most girls don’t need an event to show boobs/clevage
10:16    Ancaritha            Madi Gras
10:16    overlord-work    yeah.. mardi gras
10:16    Ancaritha            which is predominately in New Orleans : P
10:17    Ancaritha            crazy french : )
10:17    overlord-work     hahahaha
10:23    Hellz-home         = )
10:24    Hellz-home        damn, they don’t show boobs here
10:25    overlord-work    too bad for you….. cause boobs are pretty sweet….. : P
10:26    overlord-work    hey what is the translation for “mardi gras” hellz?
10:26    Hellz-home        mardi gras = )
10:26    overlord-work    lol oh.
10:26    Hellz-home       french word
10:26    Teelow-Home    A F*** sweet party
10:26    overlord-work    lol teee
10:26    Hellz-home       ” fat thuesday ”
10:27    overlord-work    fat tuesday????
10:27    overlord-work    hahahahaha
10:27    Hellz-home         yep = )
10:27    Hellz-home         here it’s a carnival
10:27    Hellz-home         no boobs … just weird costumes
10:27    Hellz-home         and fuck*ng alcoholics
10:28    Teelow-Home      hellz
10:28    Hellz-home          hm ?
10:28    Ancaritha              hey, what do you think makes the girls show their boobs? alcohol! : P