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Overheard at the office:

“I’m a terrible person I know.”
“That doesn’t make you a terrible person. Don’t get me wrong, I do think you’re a terrible person, I just don’t think that’s why”.


Creepy pasta host a ton of stories. the site itself, is a conglomerate of horror and scary stories meant to be mostly classified as satire. The most Popular one is one known as Slenderman. Slenderman started out as a Internet Meme created by the Something Awful Forums in 2009 who stalks mostly children, And since then has taken hold in vast media. The problem with the CreepyPasta site, where Slenderman is the administrator, is that it’s designed to look like, and report like an actual set of news stories.

And as happens in any form of media, there’s a fan base, And Slenderman’s is enormous.  Yesterday CNN aired a story stating that two young girls attempted the murder of another, Stabbing the girl 19 times, Missing her heart by a millimeter. All three of the girls were 12 years old, and were friends. They are being tried as adults. because, this was a premeditated murder that they had planned out since the beginning of February. Now the question remains, why? Why would they do this. Because, Slenderman required a sacrifice to Enter the realm. The Victim was left to die, and crawled herself to a path where she was  found by a biker, and is currently in stable condition in a nearby hospital.

I saw the story initially on the News Feed in my cafe, and sent it to my eldest daughter, who’s a fan of the site. Purely with the subject line of  “This is what happens, when people take things too far.”  The response I got back was that most of her friends,  think that the site is going to be shut down.

Unless the site gets sued by any of the families of the girls involved the site will probably remain as is.  Unless the site administrators decide to be proactive about it.  I don’t think that the site will get shut down. A warning label, maybe, If they get sued it will probably be that they will remove that content. Forcefully Shutting down the site could be constituted as a violation of the First Amendment, of both of freedom of expression and the right to satire.

This is the same type of scare that comes up when there’s a shooting and they find out that the shooters themselves enjoyed a violent video game. there is really no direct correlation between the two, although people will point fingers and place blame because they don’t want to own up to themselves. Recent studies have shown that people who do play the violent games are actually less likely to be violent in real life.  Two people who performed a heinous act, and murdered others and who also happen to enjoy a popular medium, doesn’t represent the whole of it’s millions of fans. To those that believe that, they are essentially stating that the deeds of the few represent the many.  To reasonable people, making that assertion  beyond ridiculous. To the news, it’s a story to report, and they spin it, to whip up a frenzy because it’s how they retain viewers. it’s how they make money.  I find that for most people, It’s easier to say “its not me” then to say this “it is”.  The parents of the girls involved will probably say that it’s the site. While the specialists will stated “it’s because the parents ignored their children.”  But that second opinion will be completely ignored by the media.

it’s sad, but a true story that we see all of the time.