So on our front door we have a sign that reads “No solicitation!”

but it gets ignored all of the time, and when it does… I am not nice.

Often the first question they ask is “Hi, how are you.” Followed by “i’m joe from Isuck co.” AT which point I interrupt them.

“Can you read?”

Often I get confused faces and varied number of responses… everything from an angry “WELL OF COURSE I CAN” to a “Welll….. yeeeaahhh…”

at which point I point at the sign on the door “What does this say?”

Most of the time I get no response at all…

“That’s right.. GET OFF MY PORCH!” and I slam the door.

This time this particular instance it was two men. the first started into his blah blah blah and I interrupted.

“Can you read?”

he blinked at me “Yeah… of course”

I point at the sign on the door.

At this point the second guy hits the first one with his clipboard, and says “See dude.. I told you.”

he stammered at me, as I explained for the first time ever I explained to this guy who was probably seasoned salesman.

” The way I look at it, is either you cannot read, or don’t care. and if you cannot read, then you should be in school, and if you don’t’ care… then why would I want to do business with you? I don’t and won’t and would tell everyone in the neighbor to do the same and turn you away.”

the first guy just went “But…” I put up my finger and I interrupted again.

“any sentence you start with a “but” at this point is an excuse, and I won’t hear it” and I politely shut the door…

all I heard was the other salesmen laughing his head off..