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My sister issued the complaint that someone took a w*rd and replaced a letter to make the word “Less profane” and she didn’t understand what the point was if you knew what it was in the first place. Then made the suggestion that perhaps you should just use a thesaurus.

Comments were made about how words are only offensive if you want them to be.

She said if we choose certain words than commit to it.  Because “People put in the asterisk because they don’t want to offend people. Yet we all know what they intend to say.”

I, as her brother, got snarky and wrote a whole sentence of nothing but asterisks, to which this got some humorous responses. I did this after I had written the response. so I changed it letter for letter. I have the actual sentence, it exists I wasn’t just being an ass. But she never asked for it.  So after the humorous commentary that I had received. I added the below response. it got so wordy that I decided that it shouldn’t be on facebook. So I figured I might as well post it publicly. I don’t know that she’ll ever see this, maybe I’ll email it to her.

This was my response

I’m going to get back to the point I wanted to make before I decided to have some humor at your expense.

about a year or so back, I made a post to Facebook that I dropped the F-Bomb. I got a nicely worded message from a woman whom you share a similar belief system with. She stated that she was offended at my use of language. And that the very least, I should be considerate enough to take out the middle letters and replace them with asterisks so she doesn’t have to “read” the word, even though she knew what it was..

So now you’ve established this double standard. If I don’t do it, I offend someone, if I do it, I offend someone. The funny thing is — and maybe this is the 18 months of therapy talking; the words “I’m offended” come off to me as ‘”I cannot control my emotions, so I need you to stop doing, whatever it is that you’re doing that makes me feel this way.

Now you could argue “You need to choose better words.” Better by who’s definitions? Yours? No, you cannot expect anyone to only words that you would agree with. I can go out side to the corner and scream “Bloody” all day long, and people might think that I was a little crazy. I live in Eugene, no one would care. However, Now if I was to scream ‘fuck’ I’d get yelled at. Pretty quickly too.

Now if I was to do the exact same thing in England, the reverse would be true. You can yell “Fuck” as much as I want, and again people would think I was weird, but not do anything about it. But if I yell “Bloody” ooooh no.. don’t do that.

You cannot have it both ways. You need to either accept the fact that people are going to omit letters for “Sensitive types”, or accept that some where in the back of your head, someone decided FOR YOU what words are bad.