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I don’t spend …

I don’t spend my life trying to please others. it’s not built on what other people think of me. In fact for the most part I don’t give a damn. I live to be me, not to be some clone of someone else. If you live in a life where you do things every day out of fear or because you’ve been taught from your childhood that it’s the way that things are supposed to be done. If your made to feel ashamed and guilty for wanting to try things on your own, you need to leave. Make your life yours, do things your own way instead of living your life as if it belonged to someone else. 

If you willingly treat people different because they have different beliefs than you do, shame on you. If the public at large could accept that not everyone is going to be he same, and it’s perfectly acceptable. we’d live in a much happier place.


I live in an area of the country where we do not get much snow, when we do it’s a little skiff  and it’ gone in an hour or two. About every 5-6 years do we see any snow of any amount of consequence here. Last Wednesday morning was that day. 

I was planning on sleeping in, as that does not happen very often. But for some reason my body decided to torture me with making me get up at the ass crack of dawn. I figured I’d get up and get the kids on the bus. So I wake the wife “Babe, do you me to get the kids up so you can sleep” She looks at me and says “No.. no one.. is going.. anywhere…”  I at first thought that she was being sarcastic. She saw the look of utter skepticism on my face and she said “Go look outside.” I got out of bed go to the window open the window coverings and stare out into the eerily bluish morning light, and the first words out of my mouth was… “what in the f*** is that shat?” Isn’t this supposed to be the first day of spring? And we get snow? Ugh.

Now bear in mind that I’m not a native to this part of the country. I grew up in Utah where seeing a fresh blanket of 7 inches of snow was common place, you knew it was coming and you dealt with it because you had to. Here… people see snow so rarely that no one knows what to do with it.  I ironically had already taken the day off for other reasons.  Even if I had not, I would have called in anyway. Not because I could not get into work, but because snow here, makes people crazy. I can drive in snow just fine, I know how. It’s the other 300k people who are on the borderline to snapping.  They freak out because they do not know how to deal with it, as in drive in it, know how to dispose of it, or what do it when it falls. People will abandon their cars on the road because it scares them so much.

I used to make the analogy that when the fist snowflake hits your car windshield, they turn around drive with their ass, get home Cannibalize their family and hibernate in a pile of bones until spring. If it wasn’t nearly a lubricious thought process for most people, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually happened. It’s days like today that I made sure that when I moved here, I kept my snow shovel. It’s been collecting dust for a few years at this point I had to dust it off.  While the city went into a panic and shut down for the day I’m kickin it on some Dark Souls, enjoying my virtual struggle for survival in a of death.

While sitting at home, enjoying the day off helplessly invading and attempting to kill people who have the audacity to regain their humanity in a virtual world. I hear a loud CRACK. I wandered over to the window to find that a gigantic tree that’s probably been there for 70 years, has lost an enormous limb.

The children who’ve not seen snow in many a years was excited, and went outside and frolicked in the snow. Despite my many pleas to my wife, she would not let me bury the neighbors cars in in it. She keeps telling me to stop trying to scare the natives, but where’s the fun in that?

The next day, despite the fact that many people abandoned their jobs for a second day, I went into work. I reckoned that it looked similar like an atomic winter outside, and people gave me dirty looks.  On the way home my wife called and asked me to pick up a few things. I was driving through a residential neighborhood and the amount of tree damage from a little bit of snow is absolutely insane.

I stopped and took several pictures, and just marveled at the damage, from 7 inches of snow. We’d get 20-30 inches in Utah and they trees would not collapse. The only thing I can figure is that here it rains so much that the root system doesn’t go very deep, it’s very shallow, (when the ground was already saturated from several days of rain) so enough weight will rip the trees  out of the ground. I reason this because this isn’t a desert, the roots don’t have to sink 50-60 feet in the ground to get water. It’s readily available. This is one street, probably about 20 feet, and this is not even some of the worst damage, there are massive pine trees that are laying across roads. there are segments of the city that are still out of power.

I got completely distracted from the task at hand, and I keep driving, and marveling at the damage, after a while I start to notice something different.  The snow in peoples drive ways and sidewalks  and curbs hasn’t been moved, it’s still sitting in huge mounds on the ground where it fell. I started to feel like I was driving through New York  at the end of Ghostbusters, where the Stay Puff Marshmallow man explodes leaving massive piles of white marshmallow everywhere. That’s what it looked like.

The snow is gone now, but it’s humorous to say the least.

Crayon Art!

Our 5th year wedding anniversary  was this last week. I like to do things outside of the box. I decided to do a “crayon melt” piece of art. I took pictures of the process.  I’m pretty happy with it, it didn’t quite turned out how I Wanted to  but I’m good, and she liked it.