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unemployed and other stuff

Yes, as of last week I was laid off from my employer, two weeks before Christmas. Could you pick a worse time? Seriously?  Citing the Client wanted to cut staff. My Boss seemed rather unhappy about it, and didn’t want to let any of us go. Apparently they (Being the client) wanted to cut 6 people but he negotiated and got it down to 2 people instead.

This is a mixed blessing, first of all some of the policies got really stringent and kind of on the ridiculous side. Some of the reasons why I liked to be there became rather invalid after nearly a year. I liked the freedom to do a lot of things that made work less like rowing on a slave ship, and more like going to hang out with friends. It made the environment a lot less stressful, and It was that latter that made me like the job in the first place. I’ve applied for a few jobs and gotten a few internal leads that might pan out to something. I don’t know honestly, what to make of it. A lot of companies are not hiring until after the New Year which makes finding a new job a pain in the butt.

But this leaves me other free time.

Last week I went to a homeopathy Dr. for my ADD. He suggested a Supplement that could actually FIX my brain instead of throwing drugs into my body. I like this route much more. Some of the ADD drugs I’ve been on give me headaches and make me ornery with my kids. I found that I lost my temper far more often than I did before.  With this new supplement I get random headaches that don’t really hurt, I’ve noticed an almost instant difference with the way my mind works. It is getting easier for me to read and retain information. So it appears that it *IS* working. This will make my C# studies a lot easier to do. I might even break into my Rosetta stone and start to learn German. This in a way makes me feel a lot better about myself. I did find a few things that my body reacts different with. Like for example. If I’m going to reorganize I get a little OCD about it now. A good example of this was my email inbox at my old employer. I had three folders that had stuff I needed filtered out sent to. One day after being on it and fish oil (for the omega 3’s) I got irritated with it and reorganized the whole thing. setup filters, and new folders and the whole shooting match. I’d get somewhere in the area of 500-1000 emails a day for various things so it became kind of a big project, but when I was done I was very happy with it.

My Personal Development project got a Cease and Desist order. The order seems to be secluded to the artwork. There is a statement that Maintenance and creation needs to stop, but it wasn’t listed as a demand. I’m waiting for an interpretation to get a better idea of where we stand. There have been many cases in the past with other similar projects that have been through the same thing. They did what the C&D demanded and ignored the rest.  The projects are still running, one company even tried to sue one of the developing groups and they lost, the developing group is still going to this day. As far as my group goes we have evidence of contact being made with the company in question to see if we can come to a negotiation, and they’ve not responded.  So again they turn a blind eye.

Who knows… We’re sitting in limbo trying to figure out what to do, and we keep running past the idea that may we’ll start from scratch but, meh.

With the free time comes with me needing to find something new to do.  I’ve been playing WoW again, however I certainly do not have the cash flow for the last expansion, so I’m blowing through stuff that should be fairly easy to do for me anyway.  I do have a slight complaint about some of the new setups that have. For example. The Achievement system that Blizzard has included is kind of… Obtuse.. There are some achievements that are simply out of the question as the players of the game do not have the willing nature to help others by default. Ruth and I have to BEG to get any help higher end instances run. People don’t want to, because they are “old” who “cares” well guess what, a lot of people and new people have never seen that content, and it’s still good content in the storyline aspect. And it’s so old that it should be NO challenge what so ever to do it. I play because the story keeps me involved, I play because Ruth plays, I do not play because I like the game. I like specific ASPECTS of it, but some of it is simply infuriating. I found Lotro FAR more entertaining I enjoyed it A LOT more than I do WoW. But Ruth won’t play it with me and I’d rather play with people and not solo the whole thing, even though 90% of it is in fact soloable. So I play WoW so I can play with Ruth.

As usual as far as I can tell, Blizzard didn’t do anything new with Wrath of the Lich King, they took things that other people had done and added it to fit there own game. Which is fine and dandy and all, but seriously I wish they’d stop taking credit in “innovating” new “ideas” and things that they just simply stole from someone else. Someone should slap Blizzard with a C&D.

copyright violation? wtf?

“In his summary ruling on Blizzard’s case against World of Warcraft cheat-maker Michael Donnelly (released yesterday), District Court Judge David Campbell has stated that the act of using a bot in violation of a game’s license or terms of use qualifies as a copyright violation.”

Using a bot is a copyright violation? wtf? how do you figure that?

I’m on a conference call with a few admins, and they have the following conversation.

I can hear the AD Admin eating

Exchange admin: that is Gross…
AD Admin: Pineapple dipped in Peach Yogurt, it’s amazing..
Exchange admin: And That… Right there… is how we knew you were gay.