Last Monday, I left several messages on several Social media groups that during the super bowl, I had a conversation with a guy from Taiwan. I stated that we spoke of differences in cultures. What I did not state was more details about what we discussed.

He said that his opinion of Americans is that we all act in an extremist sort of way. If we offer a middle ground opinion, someone jumps on us and attacks us personally. They attack your color, your intelligence, your safety. That we as Americans are quick to blame, and quick to judge without first taking into consideration wither or not we are also at fault of those behaviors.

With that in mind, and I was not 100% certain if I wanted to believe that.  I made a post about talking to him during the super bowl. I left one intentionally incomplete sentence. “I think I had a better time,” This sentence left across multiple media platforms, which in turn started a major flame storm of personal attacks against me. Many people took this incomplete sentence as a personal affront. Better time than what? Than who? The complete sentence said “I think I had a better time doing that, than I would have watching the Super Bowl.”

Yet, many people filled in the blank automatically. Yes, the post was bait; I wanted so badly to have him proven wrong.  I was shocked to see that several people who I thought knew me better than most jumped to almost extreme levels of conclusions. Who am I say wither or not you enjoyed your time watching the game. In most cases, it’s not the GAME they enjoyed; it was the people they were with.

Now is that really any different than me enjoying a discussion with a man from a foreign country?