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Ignorance isn’t always Bliss

Socrates once said “The only true wisdom, is knowing that you know nothing.”

He also went on how wisdom was gained by your acceptance of your own ignorance. This however, isn’t always what people think of when they say “Ignorance is bliss”. I think we are too ignorant, and people who pretend to know much, often know that they don’t and they feel stupid by it, or for it as it were. But those people don’t take the opportunity to educate themselves are choosing to remain that way. Knowledge is power, and knowledge is freedom. That being said, sometimes ignorance, is just flat out ignorance, and the choice to remain so.

A few weeks ago we were in Utah, took the kids to Liberty park. They always loved that park. My oldest is 14 and is starting to mature and take a huge interest into girls as a whole. While we were there, he took a liking to a couple of boys and a girl. We’re differentiate the boys by their hair color, a blonde, and a black haired boy. The girl who was wearing short shorts and a Bikini top. She barely had what one could call breasts. but they were there, and my son, he noticed. out of the boys the Black haired one seemed to instantly get and understand that he was Special needs, and treated him kindly, the other two treated him like shit. The girl was really mean to him right off the bat, he more or less ignored her and played with the boys. At one point he started to feel rejected and He and I went for a walk.  while we were walking we ran across that group, the girl wasn’t there, it was just the boys. The black haired one called to my son and said hello, and asked if he was going to be back to the park tomorrow. We told him no, we’re from out of town.  10 minutes later, he got called over by this same group. This time that girl was with them. I followed far enough behind to catch a drift of what was going on. They asked him how to spell a name of a color. He didn’t know, he didn’t say he didn’t know, he just flat out didn’t say anything. The girl called him stupid, then stating “See I told you that he was a idiot retard” The blonde laughed and ran off with the girl. The other one stayed standing there confused before he left.

my son was in tears, he just wanted a friend.

we cycled back around and picked up his siblings. In doing so I ran across said girl and her mother, Ignored them both. I met up with Ruth and  started heading out. it took a moment to realize that the girl the boys that she was running around with, and her family were walking in front of us.

Ruth turns to and whispers to me “That’s a girl, with no self esteem and no self worth.”

The girl turned around and yelled “hey you stupid!” (talking to my son) ” I told you to stop following me.”   I turn around and Jaron who has been pretty well disheartened by the events was about 5-7 feet behind us.

My wife and I both responded “We’re NOT following you, we’re leaving the park.” She ignored us and kept yelling at Jaron like he was a lesser being.

to which I added rather angrily “it takes a real big person to make fun of an autistic child, I’d said he was smarter than you at this point”

This scrawny almost non existent 14 year old is girl tried to get into my face stating that she was going “beat me down” I looked at her and said “Seriously?!  Really?! What do you think are you going to do me?”

Her parents came back her dad grabbed her by the neck, her mom asked what happened I explained it. He’s Autistic he doesn’t always understand. she’s making fun of him. I explained the color and the spelling  situation among a few other things that he had informed me off. Just general mistreatment towards him from the girl and the blonde headed boy.  at this point the wrath of both her parents was on her, of which her attention was one of shock, she thought herself to be big and protected by parents. Ruth pointed out that her behavior was her being a bully. this punk kid got angry “You think that’s being a bully?” like she truly didn’t understand what the definition of the word was.  Her parents grabbed her, ignored me entirely and her father figure dragged her off by the scruff of her neck like baby kitten.

Jaron was angry, and upset. I calmed him down as we returned to the car. I tried to explain that just there like their are good adults, and bad adults, there are good kids and bad kids. The blond and the girl, were not good kids. Those are not the kinds of friends he needs, those kinds of friends will hurt him. When we got in the car and started to drive off, Ruth informed me that during the encounter with the girl and her parents, the black haired boy turned to Ruth and apologized for her and the blonde’s behavior.

I was proud of  Jaron of how he handled this, and I have hope for that black haired kid. Among the three of them, I have hope for him.

Losing it in 3… 2… 1…

A few weeks ago and I were out playing  ingress. Near one of the portals was a Community Clinic, Some guy who was tweaked out of his fucking mind was sitting on the front porch singing Bible songs. Next second later, he’s screaming at some dude at the top of his lungs, just losing his shit everywhere. Ruth and I stood and watched for a second and moved on.

While we were taking out the next portal it occurred to me that watching that was a little like the crazy ass Splicers from Bioshock singing calmly “Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so.” Before they go apeshit on your ass.

After a while, I started to view police like Big Daddy’s, as long as I don’t get too close, they don’t care.


over the years I’ve uttered some … bizarre things. This is a list of various things I’ve said or been a part of. I have, for some reason, decided to extract them out of various social networks and post them here.

  1. When most people think redneck, they think of someone who has 7 cars on cinder blocks, with no wheels. Today, I saw someone with seven bicycles with no wheels or pedals.
  2. There’s something fun, yet childishly entertaining about walking around Win Co and talking like smeagle and making people stare that I enjoy.
  3. Just leaving Boise, and there’s a billboard of a bible passage that I read aloud. it said the following. “‘and Jesus said’ surely, I am coming quickly” and my wife says ‘so.. Shirley was the name of the nun?’
  4.  Do gummie bears shit sugar?
  5. I swear I just saw millie vanille hitchhiking to portland
  6. I’d wager that it would be inappropriate to buy my wife a sympathy card for our 6th anniversary — Turns out she would have thought it to be funny
  7. so let me get this straight, we go a few days without a pope, and we cure aids?
  8. Nothing says Father/Son Bonding like spending 45 minutes blowing each other up with TNT.
  9. It was my daughters birthday over the weekend. She had a small party, the girls came down stairs and drooled over the cake. Me in my rather drawl voice playing the PS3 (to get away from the giggly girl sounds) muttered “the cake is a lie” And one proceeded to argue with me. So I referred them to my daughter, who confirmed that the cake was indeed a lie, and they were all totally confused. I love my daughter.
  10. Hurricane sandy you had ONE job, Why is the Jersey Shore House still standing?
  11. Ruth dragged my drunk ass to Albertsons, and for some reason I thought it to be hilarious to crop dust an elderly couple who were in the floral section.
  12. Going into a bath and body works and picking something (anything!) up and saying “Here smell this” – Is a bit like going to a landfill picking up a piece of garbage, and saying ‘what does this smell like?’ It smells like a landfill! Trying to really figure out what anything in that store is a complete mystery. You could walk into that store, and buy something, smell it in the store and think that it smells wonderful, get it home and sniff it and think ‘what in the hell is this? Wet dog?’

    This has got to be their marketing plan, because nothing else makes sense.


  13. Myth: Gingers don’t have souls
    Fact: Ginger’s earn a freckle for every soul that they steal.
  14. You know, I’ve always had a problem with the whole massive secret lab underground in the middle of a city. How in the hell do you build something that big and not drawn attention with just the excavation?
  15. while getting gas in the pouring rain, my wife Rolls down the window throws me a cheeky grin and says “Wash the windshield” And I Did. 
  16. Just stopped at a gas station in Idaho, and my wife looks at me and says ‘you or me’. It took me a second to realize that I have to pump my own gas, damn it if that doesn’t happen every time.
  17. Fun fact : it is statistically proven, that smoking is like a squirrel. It’s not dangerous until you pick it up, put it in your mouth, and light it on fire.
  18. Attention : to all of the people who think that Romeo and Juliet is a romantic love story.. It’s a tale about a love affair between a 13 year old and a 17 year old that lasts 3 days and resulted in the deaths of 6 people
  19. The pope says that atheists pick and choose their Morals. Correct. Today I shall be frowning upon Child abuse, and not having a problem with same sex marriages.
  20. Yesterday on my way home it was raining like mad. I was sitting behind this guy in a big ass truck. He came to a complete stop at a circle, i was honestly a little annoyed because there was no oncoming traffic. Then I saw him, a man dressed up like a ninja, in complete black, complete with face mask, swords, and a bow slung over his shoulder. He bolts through the circle and disappeared into the Grove of trees. Left myself and the driver of the truck a bit mystified.
  21. I want to go see The Hunger Games, I do. I just don’t want to deal with the screaming fan girls, I’ll get a nose bleed as if it was a twilight marathon.
  22. Fun science fact. Most of our cosmos and clouds are made of pure Ethanol.That’s right our cosmos is made of alcohol and apparently tastes like raspberries.
  23. This proves that if there is a god, he wants us to be drunk.

  24. My wife and I have the most peculiar conversations when we’re sans kids. Last week my wife said the following. “We have Voldemort to blame for twilight, he killed Cedric and he was resurrected as a sparking vampire.”
  25. Has anyone else noticed that the countries with the most problems are the same countries that have outlawed bacon?
  26. Parents, do not lie to your children; Santa and the Tooth Fairy are not real. How do you EVER expect them to trust you if you lie to them straight out of the womb? 
  27. I hate swans, they’re all prima donnas
  28. Scientology: Making Mormons look sane since 1952
  29. I’m at a School event for my daughter, the principal gets up and says “good evening ” and my automatic response is “infidel ” (Achmed the dead terrorist)
  30. We have two colors of sky here. Blue, and punishing gray.
  31. It just occurred to me that Anonymous will win. Because you cannot arrest, prosecute, or assassinate an idea. You can however turn it into a martyr.
  32. Alcohol is never the answer, but it does occasionally make you forget the question
  33. Who ever said “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me!” has never had a dictionary thrown at them.
  34. What if the dead sea scrolls were really elaborate Rules for Advanced D&D& Table top?
  35. Normal? Is it CONTAGIOUS!? Don’t Touch me I DON’T WANT YOUR NORMAL!!–
  36. This weekend, I saw a guy in a bathrobe, a g-string, playing an accordion, while riding a skateboard and singing outside of the Saturday market. I love this city. 
  37. in 1000 years, Harry Potter could be considered a religious text.
  38. I never thought I’d ever personally see the day where I witnessed a woman carrying her dog in her purse. Unfortunately that has occurred today, And she ever so fit the stereotype that did it.
  39. “Dear Religion,
    This week I safely dropped a man from space, while you shot a child in the head for wanting an education.
    Sincerely, Science.” 
  40. With all of this talk of adding Puerto Rico as the 51st state I Feel like our new goal number should be 53 states. A prime number”One nation, Indivisible…”
  41. As I filled out our ballots for the local election I noted there were two offices where it simply stated “no candidate filed” And it had a mark for a write in, and a line to write the name. I happily filled in the write in bubble and put in the name “Tony Stark” and “Bruce Banner”


  42. So funny story:
    years and years ago, I was out late one night with a friend in west valley Utah. I hit a skunk with my car, and it was just rancid. About 3 blocks later I get pulled over for speeding. The cop walks up to my car and stops in his tracks when the smell hits him. He covers hit mouth and nose, and starts to turn to walk away. He stopped and came up to the door long enough to say “You’re speeding slow down” and he turned, got back in his car and drove away. 
  43. “When someone yells “STOP!”, I don’t know if its Hammer time, in the name of love, or if I should collaborate and listen.”
  44. I love how the internet has improved people’s grammar far more than any English teacher has. If you write “your” instead of “you’re” in English class all you get is a red mark. Mess up on the internet, and may god have mercy on your soul. 
  45. Things I Learned about my daughter tonight. 1) She likes to dance 2) she likes to sing 3) she hates Justin Bieber.
  46.  The German word “kummerspeck” means “excess weight gained by emotional over-eating” and translates literally as “grief bacon”.
  47. I wouldn’t call myself crazy, just mentally hilarious
  48. I just put blue Gatorade in a Windex bottle and I’m about to go and drink it in public, I’m thinking a park.
  49. Time is like an hourglass. While the amount of time that passes every time you flip the glass over is the same. The order in which the granules of sand passes through is different every time. Meaning: Time doesn’t flow the same for everyone.
  50. Oregon! It’s like Utah in the spring, but with the color saturation turned up!
  51. I love these stories of people exploiting religion to get laid. Ladies/young boys if you want your soul cleansed, semen is not spiritual draino.
  52. “Vampires aren’t allowed to sparkle, that is limited to Diamonds, Elton John and Liberace.” — Random Person.
  53. Spouses of people with restless leg syndrome should sing “you shook me all night long!” 
  54. Fantasy Football is like Dungeons and Dragons for guys who who used to beat up kids who play Dungeons and Dragons.
  55. A guy who works here has his 3 year old daughter with him every Friday day. So today as he walks past my desk I hear his daughter say “daddy my poop is green.” The Gentlemen on my phone says “Well, at least she’ observant,”
  56. There is an insurmountable knowledge in this world, yet people limit themselves to just a small segment of it; this is what creates ignorance, fear and lack of understanding which in turn fuels most of the worlds hate.