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I got really tired of being pesterd weekly on “When is beta”, or “how many slots” so I came up with a new answer.

it’ll be a base percentage based on the current value of the European and American stock markets, divided by the number of times that Peta has filed a complaint against McDonald’s for animal abuse multiplied by the number of lawsuits the RIAA sends out in the next year for people downloading mp3’s.

then we take that number round it up or down to the closest prime number, and convert it to binary and count how many times “1” comes up on the screen.

Otherwise, what I’m trying to say is that it’s not yet decided.

So I showed this to my fellow devs and I got this response

“i’m not sure, but i think your description leads to a division by zero….which is in other words what you were explaining….its “undefined””

And on the forums I got “Your answer was good, but it could have used more cowbell”

Beware of Princess Jasmin!

I have a number of employees that work behind me. Several of them are really big burly men that I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as them if they got pissed off.

They are constantly chattering which isn’t a big deal to me, usually I can’t understand them and it’s just this low mumble.

Today.. was different. out of the blue I hear one of these men who has a pretty deep voice come out in this high pitched girly tone “I’m princess Jasmin.”

I turned around in my chair blinked at him. He looked at me just started chuckling because he realized what I had heard.

“Sounds like a personal problem, but hey everyone has their fetish.”

The laughing at ensued got us all into trouble.

but damn it was worth it.

All I would need after this is a Laser Sight.

then they need to create an Automated Sentry Nerf gun

Random chat

Apparently at guy at work didn’t know what Tater tots were. We got into this whole conversation. Some people said they taste like crap. then it went from tater tots to Chocolate milk and how it makes him crap at light speed.

eventually this was said

” The preceding messages brought to in part by “What were you thinking?” by Milton Bradley, “leSIGH” and the letter UGH.”

some how I found this funny

*Note: this has been sitting in “unpublished” status for I have no idea how long.. I’m publishing it now because my primitive humor still finds it amusing.