Over the Christmas break my wife and I were in Utah. We stopped in at Walmart at 1:00 am to get some food, trying to live cheaply while we were in town. I took a quick bathroom break. On the way to the loo I ran across an old guy who looked tired, and resigned. I thought it was interesting to see him up and about at 1:00 am, but thought little else of it. I thought maybe he had a sleep disorder and he was lonely, maybe he goes out to find people to talk to. It didn’t seem that unlikely to me. I think I was closer than I knew.

I’m taking care of my business when I hear someone come in and occupy the stall next to me. When out of the blue I hear a voice, and I quickly realize it was the older man I saw outside.

him: Hey young man
Me: ….Hi
Him: How old are you.
Me: Uh.(Toss a saving throw) 47
Him: Well isn’t that funny.
Me: Why?
Him: I’m 74. (Pause) when you get to be my age things don’t come out as easily.
**Awkward Silence**
Me: Good to know…. What are you doing at Walmart at 1:00 am?
Him: Picking up chick’s.
*Stifled laugh*
Me: How is that working out for you?
Him: *exasperated sigh* Not very well in the last 20 years.
Me: Hrmm, Shame. Well, good luck with that.

I’m not really sure how to react to this. it was odd to say the least. I’m not one to converse with people I don’t know in the mens room. it’s like an unspoken rule that everyone sub-consciously just adheres too. Either way I hope he found someone to spend his time with. everyone deserves happiness.