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Interesting Morning news.

The word “meh” Makes the Collins – English Dictionary

Microsoft Files lawsuit to defend Visual Studio users

For once I can applaud MS for their involvement. This is a rather big deal. This is basicly an indirect attack on the Visual Studio Package as a whole. MS is protecting their own.

How much Professional and Open Source development is done on the Visual Studio package? Saying “Lots” is a touch insignificant. I know my own Development project wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for C#, Which is a language that MS developed.

At my current employment we often get heated admins, and with that comes a number of them that created their own problems because they didn’t listen to us in the first place. This morning was one such occasion. One of my co-workers got an admin who was known to be be irate a lot. Again mostly for his own issues that he created because he didn’t listen to us.

after the call was over several of us were discussing the fact that the man never listens. My escalations lead had sat quietly and listen to the whole thing and then adds…

“I’d like to interrupt people like him one day and tell him ‘Sir, we aren’t going to continue until you sing “I feel Pretty” ‘ Just to see if he’d do it.”

Apparently the idea came from a movie called anger management.

It reminded me of an old looney toons cartoon where Elmer Fudd had an strange OCD issue. Whenever he heard part of the song “Sail away” he had to finish it. And of course Bugs tormented him with it. (is it really any wonder that he had no hair? Seriously?)

Makes me wonder, why should you bother with getting angry with people on the phone, they aren’t going to be able to give you results any faster.

I feel like that people who become irate on the phone have a general complex of “Give me what I want, and give it to me now because I said so” people who have everything handed to them. like spoiled children.

makes me want to ask them if they learned manners from oscar the grouch.

My first major program

So I’ve been learning C# for some time now, and I just finished up my First SIGNIFICANT project that wasn’t related to an example or an exercise out of a book I was reading. I wrote a game based sorta around Final Fantasy. I need to do some polish and I’ll post it here after I post it on Lost Company I did promise it to the Fans first.

I did write a small timer a few months ago (Read I.E. I took the initial code from someone at Code Project and heavily modified it for my needs) that I’ve been using at work to remind me to do a task. I’ll post this one once I find it on my share I know I have it archived somewhere.

10:10    Hellz-home       Halloween seems to be an extraordinary event in usa
10:11    Mentat-Work     it’s a time where adults get to act like children and it’s socially acceptable.
10:11    Ancaritha           yea pretty much : P
10:14    Hellz-home        what is the event where girl shows boobs ?
10:14    Hellz-home        : D
10:14    Hellz-home        i like this one
10:15    Mentat-Work      most girls don’t need an event to show boobs/clevage
10:16    Ancaritha            Madi Gras
10:16    overlord-work    yeah.. mardi gras
10:16    Ancaritha            which is predominately in New Orleans : P
10:17    Ancaritha            crazy french : )
10:17    overlord-work     hahahaha
10:23    Hellz-home         = )
10:24    Hellz-home        damn, they don’t show boobs here
10:25    overlord-work    too bad for you….. cause boobs are pretty sweet….. : P
10:26    overlord-work    hey what is the translation for “mardi gras” hellz?
10:26    Hellz-home        mardi gras = )
10:26    overlord-work    lol oh.
10:26    Hellz-home       french word
10:26    Teelow-Home    A F*** sweet party
10:26    overlord-work    lol teee
10:26    Hellz-home       ” fat thuesday ”
10:27    overlord-work    fat tuesday????
10:27    overlord-work    hahahahaha
10:27    Hellz-home         yep = )
10:27    Hellz-home         here it’s a carnival
10:27    Hellz-home         no boobs … just weird costumes
10:27    Hellz-home         and fuck*ng alcoholics
10:28    Teelow-Home      hellz
10:28    Hellz-home          hm ?
10:28    Ancaritha              hey, what do you think makes the girls show their boobs? alcohol! : P