This evening I’m meeting some friends for dinner. As

I’m walking past three people sitting at an outdoor table I overhear the start as a conversation. as I approach, the lady who is facing me leans over the table and points at the one across from her, and begins in a voice that would indicate that she’s retelling a story….
” You and I were power rangers, and the swings teleported us to another dimension where we started fighting…”
About half way through her sentence I had walked past them and I came to a stop totally Interested in where this was going. It was at this point the one of the people who was listening to the story is staring at me and points. The story teller turns around and looks at me somewhat concerned
My brain, being the brain it is Responded with.
“#nocontext. but awesome! Sounds like a dream I had once.”
The story teller pointer a finger at me and said “hey buddy… This was real life!”
“Your child hood was way more exciting than mine!”