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There has been an ongoing debate between apple geeks and android heads at my office lately. The biggest push has been from the apple geeks. It started from the second they found out that I swapped from my decaying Iphone that I’ve had replaced 3 times for the same hardware issue; to my android. I prefaced it with that because that has been my experience. Terrible hardware, terrible response time, and seems to have an inclination to randomly fail. If it was one device I’d say it was a bad batch, but three phones over the course of two years is bad manufacturing processes.

The Apple geeks argued with me. “The app store has more applications” I felt that was possibly some mis-informed information. Apple doesn’t release that information unless it wants to tell people how good it is. I asked to name an app that android didn’t have. They started listing off a ton, every one they listed, I checked the online market place through my browser. (something you can’t do with the appstore) And Android had them. then they pulled out the proprietary guns… and the android had the equivalent functionality. When they gave the argument that Itunes lets you manage your apps, your music your videos and uninstall and install applications. I introduced them to Doubletwist. Doubletwist gives Itunes like functionality, it’ll download pod casts and applications back up your phone and MP3’s. They retorted with “No way it has more.” Which was true when this particular argument occurred; the android marketplace didn’t have more. Not only that the difference in the number of apps that the marketplace and the appstore had was quiet staggering. 3 months later google is less than 50k apps behind. However, I felt the need to point that that obviously it had the ones that were important to THEM. The apple geeks. Which to me nullified the argument of the iPhone store “having more apps”. All arguments about the required use of Itunes was entirely ignored — which to me, is a huge, and valid point. I really dislike Itunes, it’s a memory hog that once it installs has several services that run in the background. Their response was “buy a mac” Uh no, I like to be able to use my machine. But the arguments continues on a regular basis. This has gone on weekly for months. so finally decided to do my own research.

First Android released October 22nd 2008

Market place went live on March 17th, 2009 with 2,300 apps Between the Google, and Amazon Market place they currently have an estimated 450,000 Unique apps (Unique because this is assumed they’ve removed apps that are in both places.) Applications can be posted without Google Approval.

Google (GOOG) announced its 4.5 billionth app download as of July 7th. 2011

First iPhone released on June 29, 2007.

Apple store launched summer 2008 with 80 apps and currently has 500,000 “approved” applications. These numbers are accurate as Apple released them when they have a reason to “toot their own horn”

Apple has a full TWO YEARS on Google and the Market place. Google is just 50k apps shy of catching up, at the current rate they will surpass Apple by the end of the year.

Now here are some interesting numbers

The android Marketplace On 17 March 2009, there were about 2,300 applications available for download from the Android Market. That number jumps to 80,000+ in August of 2009

As of May, 2011 Google announced the Android Market had 200,000 apps, whereas the Apple App Store had 381,062. In terms of growth, the Android market added 28,000 new apps in April 2011, whereas Apple added 11,000 new apps.

When apps are purchased from the iPhone appstore. 30% of revenue from the store go to Apple, and 70% go to the producer of the app. Apple has a 99$ fee to submit an app for approval in the app store. In addition to the $99 licensing charge to distribute the application (whether it’s a free or commercial app) companies seeking a proprietary solution will need to cough up another $200 ($299 total) for the ‘Enterprise programmer’. There were stories floating around my Facebook that people who submitted apps that were denied for “replication current phone functionality” Also never got their fee returned to them, I do not know if this is standard apple policy. This reason was the same one that Apple Gave to Google over the “Google voice” app which Google took Apple to Court to get approved. I had read once that it’s a $50 fee to get an update to an app approved. But I was unable to find any kind reliable source for that information.

With the android: Application developers receive 70% of the application price, with the remaining 30% distributed among carriers and payment processors (Google does not take a percentage) Google has a start up fee of 25$ for new developers, I have been unable to find any additional information on additional fees leveled to the developer for posting applications. The only apps that are removed contain pornographic and malicious content . That’s just common sense.

The difference, the open nature of the device.

To download an app to your iphone, download it through the marketplace or connect to Itunes. If the app is too big, (over 10 meg) the phone will not let you download it, over the carrier, wifi only. Over 50 meg you are not allowed to download it even over the wifi, you are required to use Itunes.

Download through one of two app stores, or go to the web format market place, from any computer log in with your Google account, find the app and push it to your device. Apps over 20 meg in size require wifi connection to download.

The significant difference? No Itunes. There is no proprietary software that you’re required to use. Doubletwist is there and people use it, but it doesn’t run in the background if you turn it off.

Google and the android is not that far behind in the terms of number of apps. The lack of downloads comes from the slow to adopt consumer base who are hesitant to swap because the iPhone is “easier”. Having owned both the difference to me is with apple I had to ask “What am I allowed to do?” With my android I’m asking “What can’t I do?” That question is the one that is overwhelming for most of the consumer public. Which, let’s face it they don’t want to have to learn anything new. they just want it to work.

That mentality makes us stupid, But that’s for a different rant.

The latest argument brought to the table, (again instigated by the Apple Geeks) is too pathetic to blog about, Which appstore/marketplace has more “fart “ apps. My only thought is. Who is more stupid? Someone willing to pay $25 to create and post 300 Fart Apps… or the people who pay $99 to submit a fart app to be approved to be put on the Apple Appstore? Which this argument proved that yes the appstore DOES have more… 1,500 more.

Apple vrs Gizmodo

I wasn’t going to write about this because it’s everywhere but it’s finally getting under my nerves.
So a random Apple Employee “Accidently” left an Iphone 4g Prototype on a barstool. A guy found it. Contacted apple who blew him off. So he contacted the guy who ran Gizmodo, and sold it to him for 5k. Gizmodo then contacted Apple who said “No that’s not a prototype it’s fake” so They did a review on it and took it apart. GIzmodo made 220k in Revenue for showing the prototype. Apple then comes out and says “Oh okay.. yes it is.. can we have it back?” and Gizmodo returned the phone to them, as long as apple promised to not raid them.

Apple agreed.

A week later, The police raided his house confiscated 4 computers and the signed agreement from apple saying that they would not go after them, and now Apple is sueing for Stealing? Are you serious? Following which, they raided the guys house who FOUND the phone in the first place? Both people which if who ATTEMPTED to return the phone to Apple, both times to be told that no no it’s not the real one.

I’m disgusted with Apple and the way that they have handled themselves. This comes after closing the platform making apps far more restrictive. Removing apps from the appstore and then blaming someone else for a company mistake?

I cannot possibly be the only person finds this ridiculously stupid. I hope Steve Jobs pulls his head out ass soon. They opened being against big brother, not being like everyone else. They made a Statement when they went public which their ad campaigns. Now you ARE Being Big Brother. You ARE another Monolithic Microsoft-cloned asshole. I was seriously considering dropping Linux and Windows entirely to go to a MAC-OS platform. But if this is how you treat people who tried to RETURN a phone that your employee is responsible for losing? You break your promise to not raid someone’s house and then turned your back on your word and did it anyway?

You’re a damn communist Steve Jobs. Considering how you treat your employees and your avid and loyal customers, which I’ve covered in detail in a different post, you’re a controlling manipulative bastard. You’ve done this once before and it caused you to lose your company the first time 20 years ago. Maybe you remember it, and maybe you’ll stop yourself before you get your ass kicked out again.

Shameless plug

If you are a Mythbusters fan, This is a podcast for you. They hosted Adam savage this last week. This is hilarious it’s worth listening to repeatedly. But I will give a Warning. This is not for children, this has swearing and sexual connotation. It’s made of awesome, but NOT FOR CHILDREN.

In recent weeks I’ve become more and more discontent with my iPhone, with the introduction of the iPad and what it does and doesn’t do, a whole slew of new skeletons have come out of the closet. Lee Brimelow is a Platform “evangelist” for Adobe. He recently posted in his Flash blog. How Apple is slapping developers in the face, by limiting what language they are allowed to program in to make applications for their devices. Now this shouldn’t come a surprise really, Apple to me has always come off as a discontent controlling child who wants to control media at large, by allowing what we do and don’t view. They do it by making people spend a ton of money for their products, which in turn people feel like they need to use it because they spent so much on it. This seems like a really ridiculous notion for this economy. Whenever I’ve pointed this out to apple enthusiasts they insist it’s worth it by saying that Apple quality is superior. Seeing I’m now on my 2nd 3G iphone which has another malfunction that I again have to replace it; so I’m inclined to disagree. I’m citing that some have good luck, and those that have bad luck, anticipated the possibility of it and bought the extra warranty and therefore aren’t inclined to argue very hard. These people are happy to go back to their old devices and methods.

In addition to that most windows freaks went into it knowing that they stepped into a possibly unreliable world. Face it. Wither or not you’re an iphone freak, or a mac head; despite the fact that Apple may have a massive chunk on the Smartphone segment, they’re still a tiny blip on the map, that only survived because of Adobe. Because Of risc Processors, because Microsoft bought most of your stock and gave you a shit ton of money, to keep you afloat so they would not become a monopoly on the market. Yes, it’s true. It happened, Mac-heads don’t like to admit it, but it’s true.

Apple has done little to the face of innovation, they’ve advanced in tiny ways that have brought out surges of others ideas, but nothing so dramatically face changing since the Apple II that it’s losing the concept of what innovation is. Steve Jobs, is a controlling, smug, self-righteous son of a bitch. Who puts out products that causes an uproar. But the uproar is what causes the drive for people to use them, or come out with a way to make it do what it is fully capable of doing. If Steve wasn’t such a dumbass he’d look at the jailbroken apps available like lockinfo, and incorporate some of these into the iPhone OS. Rather than having a blatant disregard for the open developers who push the product to the limit and embrace their ideas he ignores it entirely.

Now that I’ve completely gone off on this tangent, I’m going to get to the point.

Apple is controlling, very much so. One paragraph in Lee’s post really struck me as almost a violation of our inherent 1st amendment rights.

“I am positive that there are a large number of Apple employees that strongly disagree with this latest move. Any real developer would not in good conscience be able to support this. The trouble is that we will never hear their discontent because Apple employees are forbidden from blogging, posting to social networks, or other things that we at companies with an open culture take for granted.”

Personally, this word bothers me a lot. “Forbidden”. If he is saying that they are unable to speak for themselves without fear of retribution? I can understand Apple wanting to protect the image of the company, but my question is if Apple was such a great place to work, then why wouldn’t they want to protect the image of the company? The answer is simple. It’s not.

Isn’t that one of the reasons why the country known as the U.S.A had the revolutionary war? Freedom of speech was so important to the founding fathers that it was the 1st amendment… not the 3rd or 13th.. but 1st. So not only have the government impending our 1st amendment rights, but private companies are doing it as well. Yet, this is also okay.

Job’s own ideology is shown to the general public (and owners of iPod Touches, iPhones, and now iPads) as a gesture of their enforcing his morals of the almighty Apple. They have removed any and all apps that might have an insinuation of sex or nudity or suggestion. But it didn’t stop there, they took it one more step too far. They removed a app of the Winter games because it had one picture of the speed skaters in her skin tight uniform receiving her gold medal.

Now excuse me if I’m slightly annoyed that people are not allowed to use their devices how they see fit. I understand that apple already had a certain amount of insane and ridiculous restrictions on apps that were being created, to further this and take it that far because it’s inappropriate for children? Or because developers might have ideas of their own? Since when is it’s apple’s right to be the moral judgment for parents? Why not just put an option for a parental lock on certain apps like a widget in the configuration?

There are plenty of ideas out there that you (Apple) could use, and it would make vast improvements in the UI alone of the iPhone OS. It’s time to Shit or get of the pot.

Honestly, the android phones are so much more customizable, and I’d rather get one so I can put what I want on it without restrictions to Flash or content. Unless Apple makes some serious changes in the next year, I’m ditching my phone.

I’ve added a few new plug ins’ one is to post my blog entries as link to facebook. The second is an update to make it iphone friendly. I’ve not tried it on an android but that is the next step.

Also, I’ve had the opportunity to play with the iPad. while it’s cool and it looks like a massive version of the iphone/iPod it is slightly different.
The interface allows for new customizations that your iphone didn’t like putting up a wall paper behind your home screen. Pictures and movies look absolutely gorgeous, but the speakers that are used are pathetic. you really need your own headphones if you’re going to enjoy much of anything with it.

Drawback, no flash support. I love the fact that in a month or two there will be a version that will work on 3G if you purchase a data plan, and that’s awesome. but what’s the point of having it web capable and able to go anywhere if it does not support flash? IF you want a large movie player for your kids to watch in the back seat of the car it would be a great device if it was blue tooth capable to do that, but it’s not.

Honestly, it’s a nice.. gimmick. But I have to say that Apple failed on this one. When my contract is up with my iPhone I’m going to ditch it. I for one am horribly disappointed. I won’t even use this thing as an iPod afterwords, I’ll buy a Zune.

Apple’s lack of ability for customization over Windows machine is a complete slap in the face to the public. I hope apple gets their act together, because in this economy, they shouldn’t be taking risks.

A list of 21 apps that apple doesn’t want you to have. Because their current SDK won’t allow you to do this on a non-jailbroken Iphone

21 Apps

AT&T is now attacking Google, citing that Google should be subject to the same federal guidelines they are – they are making this claim based on the fact that Google now offers Google voice, they claim that Google blocks out numbers on random. Google claims that the only numbers that are not available  for free are the ones that would incur a charge, Thus why they Implemented the Google cash. You can charge your Google account with real money, and depending on where you call you the amount that you pay per minute changes.

Now to me this makes sense. This isn’t much different from a standard calling card, short of the fact that certain areas are free.  I don’t think that this makes them subject to the same FCC regulars that a standard Telco is subject to. Google isn’t offering Wired and Wireless service. They  do it over the data lines that they own, and Google owns  a lot of them.

Do a Quick Search for “Google Buys Fiber” and you’ll come up with a good number of  hits on how much fiber they’ve purchased. They do not lease the space from the government or from other Private owners they bought the cable. Now, Don’t get me wrong. Fiber is used for more than Data, it’s used also for Telecom. But Google, again.. isn’t a telecom.  I don’t see why they should be subject to the same rules.

I do not think that This will go much of anywhere, As we have all seen. AT&T cannot build a stable iPhone network. What right do they have to criticize someone else’s network?

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Nokia Sues Apple for Patent Infringment

Remember when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, and proclaimed, to much applause, that they patented the hell out of it? Well, apparently Apple likes to boast about its own patents, but when it comes to dealing with other’s they’re not so willing. That is, if you believe Nokia: the largest phone manufacturer in the world has sued Apple for patent infringement.

Nokia claims that Apple’s iPhone, all models, infringes on ten Nokia patents covering GSM, UMTS, and wireless LAN standards. “Nokia has already successfully entered into license agreements including these patents with approximately 40 companies, including virtually all the leading mobile device vendors, allowing the industry to benefit from Nokia’s innovation,” the company writes in a press release.

“The basic principle in the mobile industry is that those companies who contribute in technology development to establish standards create intellectual property, which others then need to compensate for,” said Ilkka Rahnasto, Vice President, Legal & Intellectual Property at Nokia, “Apple is also expected to follow this principle. By refusing to agree appropriate terms for Nokia’s intellectual property, Apple is attempting to get a free ride on the back of Nokia’s innovation.”

The company claims it has invested nearly 40 billion USD in research and development over the past two decades, which resulted in about 10000 patent families. The press release reads as if Nokia tried to enter into a patent agreement with Apple – like it did with those other 40 companies – but that Apple refused.

I’m not a particular fan of patent lawsuits, but this does kind of feel like what goes around comes around. Apple shouted its iPhone patent portfolio off the rooftops a few times (during launch, when the Pre came out), so it’s kind of hypocritical not to pay up for other companies’ patents.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The lawsuit is filed in the state of Delaware, and of course hasn’t started yet. We’ll see whether there’s any merit to Nokia’s claims. It of course reeks a bit of “if you can’t beat them, sue them”, too.

Woot trumped?

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Personally it used to be one of my favorite sites for daily items that go for pretty cheap. over the last year or so I’ve come to really be Disenchanted with it. They stopped offering things that interests me.  Tonight I found Daily Steals

I’m totally taken. This is what Woot used to be. Some of it is silly but it’s far more useful and seems to cover a much wider range of items.