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What a way to end a week

Dropping my son off to school this morning, I was given a view of fairly large woman who was wearing stretch pants that were clearly too small for her  body… as they  there stretched thin enough that you could see the G-string that she was wearing. I wonder if she has any idea what she’s doing walking into a High School dressed like this.


Dear Asshole with the MASSIVE compensation SUV in the Parking lot. That space you just pulled into and then back out of whilst scraping the cars on both sides, was marked “Compact”. You got out of your compensation vehicle, looked at the damage that you caused on your own Compensation device in a manner that would suggest that you were somehow wronged by someone else. Like someone besides yourself did this to you.  You’re a bad person, when you tried to drive away and I “Accidentally blocked you in” it was so I could memorize your license plate. I reported you to security; I hope you get sued by the owners of those vehicles that you carelessly damaged.  Screw you, and your self-righteous attitude.


Johnnie: Oh good you’re here! 6 people didn’t come in today

Me: *Exhale* Shit. I’m going home.

Ritz: Back to your desk ginger!

Me: Hey now! You’re no ginger you can’t call me that, that shit is racist.

Ritz: You all look like white devils to me.

Jeffery: So wait, I have a question, do you like collect souls? Do you and Karla have this pool that you share between the two of you?

Me:  You got it all wrong, we consume them, and without them we would die.


And then, I ran across this.

And it brought me to tears.

I went to go walk it off when…. I saw a lady in her pajamas. She was an employee. Listen, just because you can do this, It doesn’t mean that you should. You’re not in High school anymore, You’re probably pushing 40. Come now, you work at a professional company, act like it at least while you’re at work. (Says the hypocrite) At least, I don’t show up to work in my PJ’s. I know that I’m an “Unwashed heathen”, but damn it! I’m an unwashed heathen with standards.



And all of this.. was before 10:00 am…

You should be ashamed.

Yet another post that came from Reddit from a Utah Mormon, I started to put it on Facebook, and then got really long. Ergo.. blog time.

Mormons Regale themselves as the pinnacle of purity. The only “True” Church. They are taught to respect your elders and the laws of the land. Missionaries, are often looked up to, and respected for giving their life for 18-24 months to the church. They are also the biggest public facing side of the church. You’d expect them to hold themselves to church standard. However, this kind of thing seems to be very common.



These are a pair of missionaries dancing.. on the 9/11 memorial wall. This, as far as I’m concerned dancing on the grave of the dead. If you were to do this on Church grounds you’d get kicked out. I’d call this offensive, but I think disgusting is a much better adjective.  Disgusting because they should know better, and because it further illustrates the illusion that they live in. They are the “only true church be damned with the rest of you.” They frequently behave as being above reproach.

Missionaries, are children, 18-year-old children. who have not yet lived their life, and have not yet made their own decisions. Brainwashed into believing what they think is “the only true church.” Many of them live very sheltered lives with very sheltered upbringing, then released into the wild to “serve god”. Not surprisingly they often find themselves in trouble. The sad part is I am not surprised to find so many of them acting like immature little shit-heads. An 8-year old child is supposed to know the difference between right and wrong when they are baptized. But theses two “adults”, and the mother, who posted them to Facebook, obviously don’t.

I’ve been called, a Satanist, and a baby eater, this I can handle. But as much as I see crap like this, I almost feel pity for those who are true believers. Because they’ll see this as amusing, rather than embarrassment that it is