Studies show that increased cell phone use and social media is that it breeds social isolation. Which causes depression, etc. We, humans, are a social species and we need to have that involvement with others. even introverts like you and I need to have a Human interaction to be functional.

Social media is causing a few problems. People talk over Chat, rather than in person. When was the last time you intentionally set up a lunch date or a meet up because you need someone to talk too? Probably not as frequently as we used too. That lack of Human, physical connection is a problem.

Also, most people only post “The good stuff” So we see that others have these “fantastic fabulous lives” where nothing bad happens, and we look are our own life and feel miserable.

People tend to not talk about the bad or hard things in our lives online because we are afraid that we will get criticized for it, or it gets ignored when we are really doing is seeking validation that we’re not actually bad people. It makes us feel very vulnerable, and that’s very scary to everyone. Some of us are afraid that if we talk about what’s going on our lives that we will lose friends, or be told that you’re stupid, or somehow lacking basic intelligence. Or that you’re intentionally seeking attention and sympathy – when the reality is you just need to talk about it, get it out of your head, find that validation that’s it’s okay to make a mistake.

So, we put up walls, only talk about happy things, and then we look at everyone else, who they too are doing the exact same thing! We cannot equate in our head that others are also struggling in different places. They advertised their lives as being perfect and wonderful because they never seem to have a problem, ever. The result is we end up de-valuing ourselves because our lives are not as perfect as everyone else’s appears on the surface. As a result, we beat ourselves up because we’re clearly a failure.

At least, that’s the lie we tell ourselves.

The truth is we’re all human. We have both good and bad things that happen to us and we should not criticize what is “Hard” for others because we lack perspective and reference for what they have already been through. In the same notion, realize that others are just as afraid as you are to talk about the hard things.

I’m slowly starting to realize that If you or I (or anyone) post(s) about something traumatic, and responders who feel attacked and go on the offensive are doing so because your trials illuminated their own deficiencies. I believe that they are displacing their own internal guilt on someone else, so they don’t have to deal with their own problems. it’s much easier to displace blame than taking ownership over your own actions. Some people are so deathly afraid of being wrong, that they will announce that they are always right as if they are somehow above being human.

Everyone is having a difficult time because let’s face it. Life is hard. there are so many trails and issues and we have to deal with on a weekly, even DAILY basis. We call it adulting now. Everyone has already been through a lot of things in their lives. Outside observers lack context.

Take whatever it is that’s plaguing you one day at a time. Grab it by the balls and say, “Bring it on bitch, I will destroy you.”

You got this shit.