So Last night I ended up staying up WAAAAY to late to do a 5 man raid on Thunderbluff. There ended up being only five of us and its way to hard to hold the points into that city. Our first attempt took us to the flight point and we killed the flight Master several time, People started to collect because you can’t fly out if the bats are dead, and the flight master won’t talk to you if he’s in combat.

If you’ve ever been to Thunderbluff The flight point is way way way up in the top of a very tall tower, If you fall you die.

There were several occasions where our priest mind controlled people off the top to their death. giving us Honor Kills. When we finally got pushed out. The mage and Priest slow fall and levitated off the side of the cliff. I had ran out of noggin fogger. so I just Jumped off. We ended up having a hell of a fight at the top of the South Lift. It ended up being like 20 horde against the 5 of us. 2 rogues, 1 pally 1 preist and 1 mage. As we talked it occured to us that all of the horde cities have back doors, And none of the alliances ones do.

So next time we’re going to Oggrimar. 🙂