About a year ago, I was in the American Fork Radiology department for a PET scan after my cancer screening CT came back with some funny results.

So, My wife and I were sitting in the waiting room at 6:00 am. It was mostly empty; it was me, my lovely wife and a couple of elderly ladies who was sitting several seats down. (5 to 7 feet, the distance was menial.) I was grumpy, I hate hospitals. I even hate Needles worse… this is a side note, but I have an unrealistic fear of needles, and being required to go get stabbed once a month for screenings really sucks monkeys.

I had just gotten nintendogs for my DS. So a part of this game is you have to train your dog to respond to his name. I had already picked a name for him and hadn’t trained him on it yet. So while we’re sitting there I pulled it out and started up nintendogs.

On the screen it says “say your dogs’ name.”

I look at the ladies sitting at my right and sigh, bring the mic as close a I can to my mouth and say in the loud whisper

“Vlad the destroyer!”

The screen gave some message saying that it couldn’t understand me and asked me to repeat it again

So again…

“Vlad the destroyer”

The screen… again said that it couldn’t understand it.

So I repeated the process. 4 times in total… then I overhear a comment from the ladies to my right

“They must have let him out of the psych ward.”

I, at that point, was grateful to be called back.