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appstore Vrs Marketplace

There has been an ongoing debate between apple geeks and android heads at my office lately. The biggest push has been from the apple geeks. It started from the second they found out that I swapped from my decaying Iphone that I’ve had replaced 3 times for the same hardware issue; to my android. I prefaced it with that because that has been my experience. Terrible hardware, terrible response time, and seems to have an inclination to randomly fail. If it was one device I’d say it was a bad batch, but three phones over the course of two years is bad manufacturing processes.

The Apple geeks argued with me. “The app store has more applications” I felt that was possibly some mis-informed information. Apple doesn’t release that information unless it wants to tell people how good it is. I asked to name an app that android didn’t have. They started listing off a ton, every one they listed, I checked the online market place through my browser. (something you can’t do with the appstore) And Android had them. then they pulled out the proprietary guns… and the android had the equivalent functionality. When they gave the argument that Itunes lets you manage your apps, your music your videos and uninstall and install applications. I introduced them to Doubletwist. Doubletwist gives Itunes like functionality, it’ll download pod casts and applications back up your phone and MP3’s. They retorted with “No way it has more.” Which was true when this particular argument occurred; the android marketplace didn’t have more. Not only that the difference in the number of apps that the marketplace and the appstore had was quiet staggering. 3 months later google is less than 50k apps behind. However, I felt the need to point that that obviously it had the ones that were important to THEM. The apple geeks. Which to me nullified the argument of the iPhone store “having more apps”. All arguments about the required use of Itunes was entirely ignored — which to me, is a huge, and valid point. I really dislike Itunes, it’s a memory hog that once it installs has several services that run in the background. Their response was “buy a mac” Uh no, I like to be able to use my machine. But the arguments continues on a regular basis. This has gone on weekly for months. so finally decided to do my own research.

First Android released October 22nd 2008

Market place went live on March 17th, 2009 with 2,300 apps Between the Google, and Amazon Market place they currently have an estimated 450,000 Unique apps (Unique because this is assumed they’ve removed apps that are in both places.) Applications can be posted without Google Approval.

Google (GOOG) announced its 4.5 billionth app download as of July 7th. 2011

First iPhone released on June 29, 2007.

Apple store launched summer 2008 with 80 apps and currently has 500,000 “approved” applications. These numbers are accurate as Apple released them when they have a reason to “toot their own horn”

Apple has a full TWO YEARS on Google and the Market place. Google is just 50k apps shy of catching up, at the current rate they will surpass Apple by the end of the year.

Now here are some interesting numbers

The android Marketplace On 17 March 2009, there were about 2,300 applications available for download from the Android Market. That number jumps to 80,000+ in August of 2009

As of May, 2011 Google announced the Android Market had 200,000 apps, whereas the Apple App Store had 381,062. In terms of growth, the Android market added 28,000 new apps in April 2011, whereas Apple added 11,000 new apps.

When apps are purchased from the iPhone appstore. 30% of revenue from the store go to Apple, and 70% go to the producer of the app. Apple has a 99$ fee to submit an app for approval in the app store. In addition to the $99 licensing charge to distribute the application (whether it’s a free or commercial app) companies seeking a proprietary solution will need to cough up another $200 ($299 total) for the ‘Enterprise programmer’. There were stories floating around my Facebook that people who submitted apps that were denied for “replication current phone functionality” Also never got their fee returned to them, I do not know if this is standard apple policy. This reason was the same one that Apple Gave to Google over the “Google voice” app which Google took Apple to Court to get approved. I had read once that it’s a $50 fee to get an update to an app approved. But I was unable to find any kind reliable source for that information.

With the android: Application developers receive 70% of the application price, with the remaining 30% distributed among carriers and payment processors (Google does not take a percentage) Google has a start up fee of 25$ for new developers, I have been unable to find any additional information on additional fees leveled to the developer for posting applications. The only apps that are removed contain pornographic and malicious content . That’s just common sense.

The difference, the open nature of the device.

To download an app to your iphone, download it through the marketplace or connect to Itunes. If the app is too big, (over 10 meg) the phone will not let you download it, over the carrier, wifi only. Over 50 meg you are not allowed to download it even over the wifi, you are required to use Itunes.

Download through one of two app stores, or go to the web format market place, from any computer log in with your Google account, find the app and push it to your device. Apps over 20 meg in size require wifi connection to download.

The significant difference? No Itunes. There is no proprietary software that you’re required to use. Doubletwist is there and people use it, but it doesn’t run in the background if you turn it off.

Google and the android is not that far behind in the terms of number of apps. The lack of downloads comes from the slow to adopt consumer base who are hesitant to swap because the iPhone is “easier”. Having owned both the difference to me is with apple I had to ask “What am I allowed to do?” With my android I’m asking “What can’t I do?” That question is the one that is overwhelming for most of the consumer public. Which, let’s face it they don’t want to have to learn anything new. they just want it to work.

That mentality makes us stupid, But that’s for a different rant.

The latest argument brought to the table, (again instigated by the Apple Geeks) is too pathetic to blog about, Which appstore/marketplace has more “fart “ apps. My only thought is. Who is more stupid? Someone willing to pay $25 to create and post 300 Fart Apps… or the people who pay $99 to submit a fart app to be approved to be put on the Apple Appstore? Which this argument proved that yes the appstore DOES have more… 1,500 more.

I grew up in an era where console games where still a new and novelty item that most parents shunned. I had a old classic Nintendo, that I worked and saved for all summer long. It came packaged with Super Mario Bros, and Duck Hunt. I remember playing the SMB console stand up in arcades thinking it was way to hard. I got my Nintendo and again, I still found it way too hard. It took me weeks before I hit the point of mastery. It became this Vulcan mind meld where the controller seemed to disappear from your hand, and you stopped thinking about the fact that you were controlling Mario and you became one with Mario and the reaction was instinctive more than needing to plan it out.

That’s a beautiful thing.

Also in the same Era Games were hard. Really, Really Hard. Anyone who played gauntlet through TopGun, Bart Vrs, The Space Mutant, or Battletoads can contest to what I say. A lot of people complained about the original TMNT, which I Admit was intensive and difficult, but I managed to actually finish that one. I will admit that I spent 3 months on Bart vs, the space mutants and never got through the second level. I think I got TO The second level twice.. maybe? it was brutal. I recently downloaded it again for an emulator thinking that I just sucked. No it’s not me.. it’s really not. The Rom Site that I found game on had a comments section, There were 50+ pages of people complaining that it was way to hard. So knowing what my previous track record was I found the action replay codes and determined that unless I wasn’t making sufficient progress in an hour of play I would not use them. After about 25 minutes I turned it off. Hour be damned, I am not going to bother.

I play through current Console games now and I unbelievable disappointed. Games are so easy compared to what they used to be. Not only that, they are short. Very short. To go through a game in under 10 hours isn’t unexpected in fact it’s welcomed by most of the current gaming community. I am finding more and more that I am a platform gamer, that is what I like. I like MMO’s for the epicness of storyline and consoles for fun. Consoles are much less frustrating then dealing with the Chuck Norris mentality of most games trade/general chat. But I don’t play Console games because they are easier. I play them because of their wide range of originality and just fun. Admittedly after years of denial and rejection I am a Mario fan. I’ve played through most of the Sunshine, and I’m currently (slowly) working my way through Galaxy with every intention of finishing it. More so than that, I am a Nintendo/Sony fan. I do not care for the X-box or its games. I’m not a First person shooter type of guy, I’m a RTS RPG side-scroller action type of guy. Would I prefer it if some games were harder? Eh, They’ve taken care of that by Putting multiple difficulty modes on most games now. I play Metroid 3 on Medium difficulty because it’s just the right amount of Fun, frustration and satisfaction rolled into a near perfect action game. I play Galaxy because it’s simply fun, it challenges my coordination and it has the right amount of difficulty to keep me on my toes. The storyline is a rehashed repeat that has been the same outline for most Mario games; but this is one of those rare cases where less is more. I don’t need top notch graphics, nor do I need to spend $500 every 6 months to upgrade my PC to keep on top of current rising standards to maintain playability for my games either it works on the platform or it doesn’t. The goal in the end is if it’s fun then it’s worth doing.

So as someone pointed out. We have a ton of books that are several hundred years old that give in details world of another nature, Languages and ideas that simply do not exist in our lives at the present moment. But Seriously what if it was just a Guidebook to a game of tabletop?

Meaning, If in 700 years someone came across a D&D 3rd edition rulebook, they’d probably think it was some kind of biblical guide to how we lived our lives– Or we had some kind of alien visitation that advanced our technology, then mysteriously left.

“Hark! Thine holy city is destroyed! You take 2d6 Damage!”

How much do we REALLY know about our history, and what’s to assume that we aren’t reading too much into some of the “historical artifacts” that we’ve found. For example the dead sea scrolls. What if table top was outlawed so they played it out in a cave in the middle of no where so as to avoid being caught and executed for heresy!? The scrolls themselves are nothing more than a guidebook to the most epic game of tabletop ever!? This really isn’t out of the list of possibilities, seeing that I grew up in an era where D&D was outlawed entirely by my parents – as a lot of people cited it as being demonic, or satanic. Simply because they did not understand it. People didn’t understand it 20 years ago, and they were quick to reject and classify something has bad because it gave people ideas. There was nothing wrong with it, and if nothing else it’s encouragement to enable people (and kids) to use their imagination, and *GASP* Think for themselves! For me it would have been an escape of what I would easily classify growing up in the center of hell! There is no reason to suggestion that the same reaction would not have occurred 500 or 700, or even 1,000 years ago.

I’ve gone off on this rant before about how Comics are not bad for kids, it instills and brings about critical thinking. It’s exposure to science and history, a lot of things were based off of historical fact and ideology that would only exist because someone else though it up. I don’t see how Tabletop is any different. People freak out and panic over, and quickly reject or label something as bad before they understand what it is. It’s sad too, life for me growing up would have been very different if I had access to a tabletop Group, or someone to play Magic with.

On that train of thought these are the very reasons why I’ve been teaching my boys how to play Magic the Gather and the WoW TCG. I Started with WoW TCG because it’s a name, pictures, cards and spells they are familiar with. But it will instill Critical thinking in them, give them reason to think ahead of what they are doing. Give them a place to escape to that isn’t in a prefabricated world of someone else creations. Let them create their own and push the limits of their own imagination.

New and improved!

I’ve added a few new plug ins’ one is to post my blog entries as link to facebook. The second is an update to make it iphone friendly. I’ve not tried it on an android but that is the next step.

Also, I’ve had the opportunity to play with the iPad. while it’s cool and it looks like a massive version of the iphone/iPod it is slightly different.
The interface allows for new customizations that your iphone didn’t like putting up a wall paper behind your home screen. Pictures and movies look absolutely gorgeous, but the speakers that are used are pathetic. you really need your own headphones if you’re going to enjoy much of anything with it.

Drawback, no flash support. I love the fact that in a month or two there will be a version that will work on 3G if you purchase a data plan, and that’s awesome. but what’s the point of having it web capable and able to go anywhere if it does not support flash? IF you want a large movie player for your kids to watch in the back seat of the car it would be a great device if it was blue tooth capable to do that, but it’s not.

Honestly, it’s a nice.. gimmick. But I have to say that Apple failed on this one. When my contract is up with my iPhone I’m going to ditch it. I for one am horribly disappointed. I won’t even use this thing as an iPod afterwords, I’ll buy a Zune.

Apple’s lack of ability for customization over Windows machine is a complete slap in the face to the public. I hope apple gets their act together, because in this economy, they shouldn’t be taking risks.

AT&T is now attacking Google, citing that Google should be subject to the same federal guidelines they are – they are making this claim based on the fact that Google now offers Google voice, they claim that Google blocks out numbers on random. Google claims that the only numbers that are not available  for free are the ones that would incur a charge, Thus why they Implemented the Google cash. You can charge your Google account with real money, and depending on where you call you the amount that you pay per minute changes.

Now to me this makes sense. This isn’t much different from a standard calling card, short of the fact that certain areas are free.  I don’t think that this makes them subject to the same FCC regulars that a standard Telco is subject to. Google isn’t offering Wired and Wireless service. They  do it over the data lines that they own, and Google owns  a lot of them.

Do a Quick Search for “Google Buys Fiber” and you’ll come up with a good number of  hits on how much fiber they’ve purchased. They do not lease the space from the government or from other Private owners they bought the cable. Now, Don’t get me wrong. Fiber is used for more than Data, it’s used also for Telecom. But Google, again.. isn’t a telecom.  I don’t see why they should be subject to the same rules.

I do not think that This will go much of anywhere, As we have all seen. AT&T cannot build a stable iPhone network. What right do they have to criticize someone else’s network?

What I want….

All I would need after this is a Laser Sight.

then they need to create an Automated Sentry Nerf gun