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Wow what nut jobs… (Fallen Earth MMO)

Over Thanksgiving, my Brother in law was telling me about a Free MMO called “Fallen Earth” that’s available on Steam. The premise is that it’s some odd ball year far in the future like 2338, and the earth, as it were, has fallen. You’re a clone, which has been reproduced over and over again, inside the Hoover dam.
The Dam came under attack by renegades and you were killed only to be resurrected somewhere else 3 years later. There’s a whole story as to why this happened and why it took how long it did, but honestly I was so unimpressed by most of the game I wasn’t paying that close attention. The world is desolate, people are using horses heavily again because most mediums of electronic transport is gone. People have cars and motorcycles, but you have to build them yourself, they are expensive to maintain, and break down easily, gas has a shelf life and it’s not easy to find. There’s no “Armor” or “Weapon” Loot, its all scraps that you have to make “this item” and then “this item” and “this item” and use those to make this other item. It’s heavily crafting required. It’s really not a very impressive game.
So last Sunday night I was playing Fallen Earth, and out of the blue I get a clan invite for “The Last Christian Order” I figured… what the hell.. So I clicked join. I get welcomed in and I thanked them, and instantly ask them about their name. “Are you all Christian, or is it just a title? Like ‘Templar’?”
The response I got was lengthy, but basically yes. They are, they have “Christian values” no swearing, no sex talk. They expect you to hold up the Christian moral code according to the bible. I’m starting to think that these people have never really READ the bible… To top off that cake, every Sunday they have a “prayer meeting” over vent.
I thought, okay… I know a couple of WoW (World of Warcraft) Guilds like that… Short of the bible thing, and the prayer meeting, that shit is weird. Even the people in WoW know that you cannot enforce that, it’s completely unreasonable.

So I asked “Is it required that I attend the prayer meeting?”
“No, but it is heavily recommended. And if it’s more convenient, the vent meetings are all recorded and I can have it emailed to me. “

“Heavily Recommended” I read this as “Either go to the prayer meeting or we’ll send it to you in any shape possible… there will be a quiz to determine your worthiness for the gates of lies”
uh… huh…
”So would you take in an agnostic or atheist?”

The response I got was “Yes, it would be good for them to find god, those people need it more than most. We shall convert them”
And “God will set you free” was among other responses that hurt my head.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to work here.”

And I left.
Why would you invite random people, that you have no previous knowledge about to your clan that is so very specific, with very specific requirements?  What a bunch of religious wack jobs.

Oh, and the UI is terrible…

I wish this dude would stop showing up….

So yesterday he shows up 40 minutes before my son’s birthday  party. This time dressed appropriately  for the constant rain we  get here.  Thanked us for our help the other night, and said  that he needed to be straight with us. He doesn’t live at the street down the house he occasionally  crashes there with a buddy and he’s a recovering cocaine/meth addict. He was  wondering we could spot him $3.50 for a day pass on the bus  so he can get to the hospital to get some antibiotics for a  viral infection “it’s in my blood and it causes blisters”. My  wife points how that an antibiotics isn’t going to work on a virus. “oh.. really?” He says  “I just need to get to a hospital, because there’s something wrong with me, it’s in my blood something needs to come out”  

My wife steps out of view and says “Take him to the downtown bus depot buy him a ticket and make sure he gets on the bus” while I’m getting my shoes on/coat He keeps apologizing, my  wife tells him that she’s glad that he’s trying to get clean,  and that she’ll accept his apologize after he’s clean. So we leave and on the way there he’s spouting off about how nice we  are and how he doesn’t know why he offers people money for  whatever when he doesn’t have any money. he keeps telling me about how it’s coming out of his pores, and it smells  terrible and how it hurts really bad. He says that getting clean is hard, it’s one of the hardest things he’s done since his mother died. (which I’m doubting at this point if his mother is dead) Then 5 minutes  later he says this will be easy. I’m just quiet as he rambles off  lots of things that make no sense. Then he tells me that I’m creeping him out. I tell him that he’s told me so many things that don’t match up, that I don’t know what to say. I ask him about his stripper friend that he was fucking. He said that she’s got a boyfriend and she’s a total cunt. He keeps saying that he’s happy to help out at all to pay back for the kindness we’ve shown him. Out of the blue he asks, “can I just stay with you?” then he takes it back “No. you’ve got enough going on” I tell him that I’ve got at least 7, 12 year olds showing up in the next 30 minutes, that’s not going to happen.  He Continues on thanking me for the help, and saying that he wants to repay our kindness. I keep repeating myself “you worry about getting clean, I’ll worry about my family” He keeps saying that “he is clean” and I tell him “You’ve just started you’ve got a long way  to go yet.”

 Suddenly he asks to borrow my  phone to call someone at the oxford house. he leaves a message  saying that he’s going to be at the library. I contend with him about the bus and he starts giving me shifty answers. He says he’s got no where to stay, I tell him the people at the Oxford house probably have information if they do rehab they should have it. 

I decide at this point if he wants the pass he’s walking in with me, no excuses or I walk. So I park at the depot and get out and tell him to get out and he tells me that he’s not going on and asks me to do it for him. of which I tell him no “if you wants help, if you want a hand out, you need to do your part. You are going to have to come in” He says that he can’t and he gives me this story about how the last time he was here, he was strung out and trying to sell drugs to people.

I told him that he needed to deal with reality, he said he will. I asked him “When? no better time then the present, and the longer you put it off the hard it’s going to get” He goes to shake my hand and he walks off. I get back in my car and my phone rings, and it’s the chick he called. Her name was nicky she’s from the oxford house which is in fact a rehab center.

She’s been trying to get a hold of him to get him to get to a meeting and get him checked in. So I flip my car around to try and find him, and  he’s long gone. So I take her number.

I get home relay the story to my wife, who takes the number. I take a walk down the street and talk to the owner. He’s never had anyone named Jake stay there. I pulled up his picture from his Facebook  and he, nor his son, nor his Girlfriend who lives next door, nor the neighbor has ever seen him.

Honestly, I swear I saw him walking towards my house as i left  this morning. No fucking clue how he found my house and how I got targeted.