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A couple of things

I’ve been delaying a lot of things as of late.

a short list of what’s on my mind

I’m not looking forward to going to the doctors tomorrow. Who does? I have an irrational fear of needles, and I have an oncology appointment which means I am going to be poke prodded stabbed and pricked with needles. *shudder* I hope that I can avoid the necessity of the barium shake. IT screws with my head for weeks.

Barium is a heavy metal, and it’s been found that people with ADD/ADHD and a few other learning disabilities are caused by the fact that their bodies do not mark and discard heavy metals like a normal persons does. which means it goes through their brain.

I’ve all but lost interest in World of Warcraft. While yes it’s sorta fun it has it’s place and I’m not sure I’m willing to ignore my kids for another year over new content. I need to spend more time with them, not brushing them off to do other activities.

The trainer that I prefer at the gym is moving, I’m sad by this. He was a great source of motivation for me.

The TV show “white collar” took me a season and a half to actually get into it enough to start to enjoy it. I don’t care for most drama TV and this is just one of those things that it took me a long time to adapt too.

I’ve just started watching the guild ( produced and created by Felicia Day. She’s very talented and deserves more credit than she gets.

I would shit myself if I had this job.

Stealth wave

for labor day I took the kids out to the ocean. It was the first time we’ve been there and had sunshine. usually it’s dreary and overcast. Despite the fact that the ocean water was easily 15 degrees warmer than the last time we went it was still bitter cold. As we got there we found that the tide was going out. and it kept going further and further out. Eventually we ended up about 50 yards further out than usually from the waters edge.

What was cool tho was that the tide went far enough out that I found a sand bar in the middle of it. the water went from being waist high to ankle depth in a few inches of sand. I decided to keep going out into the water. Most of the waves were breaking just above my hip. When out of the blue this massive Wave several times my size comes out picks me up and tosses me in shore like a rag doll.

if that wasn’t natures way of saying “Get out of the water” I’m not sure what is.

Reverse engineering…

Why is it not okay? When it’s not Illegal to do.

it’s only Illegal to take something that you reverse engineer… put some of that whatever.. into your own product and sell it.

To reverse engineer it is legal.. why is it such a bad couple of words?