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SPOILER… it’s obvious.. Buffy never loses… This video is up for a Webby Award in the mashup section. GO VOTE and support this BRILLIANT piece of Video!

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A couple of people who commented on the Remix in the webby awards illustrated a very specific point that I have unable to put into proper words. I want to quote them directly.


“The main characters in Twilight seemed to embody antiquated, sexist gender stereotypes. Edward Cullen…spies on Bella, he stalks her (for “her own good”), he sneaks into her room to watch her sleep (without her consent) and even confesses to a deep, overpowering desire to kill her…


“Before you start talking about domestic violence maybe you should read Twilight or watch the books – sure it isn’t great to encourage violence but it is certainly better than encouraging millions of young women to embrace the idea that the most perfect relationship includes threats of violence and stalking, as Edward commonly does with Bella.”

It’s one thing to write a book based around vampires, it’s another thing to make them abusive to people they are supposedly completely enraptured and in love with. Yes, Spike and Drew were abusive to each other, but that was their nature! They were vampires! Joss didn’t humanize and romanticize them! They were mean horrible, Brutal and soulless creatures! Stephanie Myers has created and romanticized the idea that being a woman and being abused is perfectly acceptable for “the perfect relationship” where he has flaws that are “enduring and charming”, and the poor man can’t control himself despite his best efforts. Shame on you Myers. Seriously.

Read the notes of the guy who created it, the answer to the question What would Buffy Do?

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I like to think of myself as a good husband, and sometimes this means I do things that I *REALLY* don’t want to do. Such was the example as a midnight showing of New Moon… This was not worth a midnight release and losing the sleep over. It was.. horrendous at best. After giving it some thought (not too much though I didn’t want to hurt myself thinking about this particular item.) I’ve come to the conclusion that stephine meyer is an idiot, and so is her choice of director, and if meyer was as involved as she should have been a lot of things should not have happened…  perhaps she needs to read her own book again. The director in question who’s name eludes me — obviously has no idea how to direct her way out of a dung heap. And Clearly… hasn’t read the books, and if they have.. then shame on them.
The Characters has a whole were shallow and lacked depth. Hollywood added a lot of crap which didn’t happen. The BEST part of the whole movie was a 30 second scene that didn’t happen in the book. And took out a lot of stuff that I felt were important in the book series. Edward being a vampire who can read people’s minds is a difficult fighter to beat as he can read your thoughts then react to it before you can move.  In the book Edward gets into a fight where he puts the smack down on another vampire. In this movie… he gets his ass beat like a girl who’s been chained to a wall. It’s not even entertaining to watch, it was humiliating.
I will say that out of the book series (which I did read with my wife at her behest) this one was the absolute worst one to read… I want to throw the book against the wall and start it on fire. The way Jacob is written drove me insane.  (Wolf.. not vampire…)
Problems I saw. Edward for two movies now have shown a complete lack of emotion, despite said description of emotions on his face in the book series. This made his words sound like they came out of Microsoft’s Sam Text-to-speech interpreter.  Completely unbelievable.. although Microsoft Sam gives more emotion than Edward did. He’s a complete pussy, for someone as described as one of the cullens best fighters he gets tossed around like a fucking rag doll.
Bella, behaves as if she’s giving lines on a stage. There is NO passion in her words what so ever, again Nearly completely emotionless. She didn’t climb on the back of the fucking motorcycle, they were an hour and a half away from Lepush and Jacob didn’t just “Walk out and leave” at the movie theater.
Mike didn’t throw up in the movie theater.
The BEST scene was a scene were Victoria was stalking  Charlie. The wolves intercept, and chase her off.  A scene that  wasn’t in the book…
During the “vote” Things said during this time were said that were not explained much much later.
In the end. The director cannot direct.
Jacob was the only one with any acting ability *AT ALL* in this movie, The kicker here for me Is that I know Rob and Kristen both have inherent acting ability and CAN act the parts. If the Director would let them do it in the way that is described.  As it currently is, it’s worse than a b-rate movie. And I’d rather watch the intergalactic gigglo to New moon…  at least that is entertaining… if nothing else it’s stupid humor. Maybe if I was 13 and sported female anatomy I wouldn’t find it so repulsive.