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There’s this social stigma against people with Tattoo’s in Utah. As we’re required to go to Utah once a year for visitation issues, it’s clearly obvious. You drive down the interstate, and there’s a large number of billboards of people with bags over their heads with full sleeves done. with the tag line of “Ashamed? We can remove it for you!” This kind of advertising really got under my skin, I think that they are playing with people’s emotions. I know that’s how a lot of advertising works, but people need to come to a lot of decision on their own, and not have the media, or businesses, or even religion influence them into what is right for them.  Utah is a hot bed for religious confrontation. People look at you funny, if you look “Non ordinary” and often times they will treat you worse for it.

I decided a long time ago that if I’m going to get a Tattoo it’s going to be something of significant meaning. That in 5 years 10 years 20 years is still going to hold a significant meaning. (Pop Culture references, etc, aren’t going to be on my body.)


Yesterday. April 9th was a special day for me. It’s my 5 year mark for being cancer free.


I got this tattoo.


I won’t lie it hurt, and honestly, it put my body into shock and I nearly passed out. it’s not fun, I would recommend against passing out. After my episode the artist informed me that there’s a fair number of people who do, especially on the first one. He said it was funny to see really big guys who already have several tattoo’s come in, and get a small one and 10 minutes into it they’re passing out.  That made me feel better, at least I know it’s not me.  He finished up and I didn’t have any more problems. Gave me aftercare instructions and we went on out merry way.

As the kids filter home from school they all ask me what the bandage is for and if I hurt myself? I told them that I was fine and I’d show them what was under the bandage later.

When I took it off, cleaned it up and showed the kids. All of them went “oh cool, a Mario 1up”  Very nondescript reactions,  and they carried on. I rather expected this reaction, as the kids love the fake stick on tattoo’s.

Later that evening when I was cleaning it and putting lotion on it so it can heal properly  when my daughter walks in. She’s an extremely smart little girl. After a couple of minutes she asked me why putting soap on it didn’t wash it off.

“Because it’s never going to come off.”

She got that look in her face the She looked visibly confused. “Why?” she asked rather incredulously.

“Because it’s Real, it’s ink, It’s permanent”

Again you could see the wheels turning in her head.

“Well… how did you get it on then?” she asked

“Needles, covered in ink and jabbed in me thousands of times.”

Now she just looked shocked, her eyes went absolutely massive. She probably in her head saw some doctor with a multi-colored Mohawk with a fistful of  massive needles manically stabbing me cackling like an insane maniac.

I did nothing to stop that image, I may correct it later.

I had some religious guy show up at my door over the weekend. The guy was peddling his beliefs and kept pushing after I initially declined. I asked him who he represented, and he said that he represented some local fellowship.

I had clarify.

“No I mean, what secular belief” He looked rather confused at the word for a moment, then it’s like someone was whispering in his ear and he got a look of understanding.

“Oh, I’m a Jehovah witness” Very Proud of who he was.

“Shouldn’t you be in the Airport handing out flowers?”

I know that JW’s don’t do this, those are Hare Krishnas, but the point of asking the question was to see if he knew who he was. The guy was obviously taken aback, he stammered a bit.

“I.. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” was his reply.

I Expanded. “JW’s are you the people in the airport handing out flowers”

“I… don’t think so.” was his reply

“Well then, maybe you should learn what your religion is before you peddle it to others.”

The guy got another stunned look on his face, obviously unsure of what to think. He didn’t even say anything he just kind of turned and walked away looking like he’d be smacked in the face with pie.

This is my second encounter with a JW. My first was when I Was 15. I was just out of school and into the summer. My parents are LDS and I was attending a Mormon Seminary school. We’d just finished old testament this last year, so it was very fresh in my head. She had two children with her. She wanted to argue how the Mormon belief was wrong with me, how it made all kinds of claims. I rebutted her politely and when she started making claims that was in her book, I asked to see her book to prove it, she handed it to me. When I pointed out the passage, She then proceeded to rip the page out of her bible and state that it “was not in her book any longer” and stomped away with her children. What an example for the kids.. really….

Please don’t mistake me, I mean no disrespect for other peoples religions.But If people are going to go Door to Door, knocking recruiting for their belief, they should have an idea of what they belief and who they are. I ask VERY hard questions if you come to my door. Don’t do it haphazardly.