Blizzard hotfixed Warlock damage last night and gave a 12% nerf to a vast number of skills and people are massively up in arms and claiming losing THOUSANDS in DPS. however, this just isn’t true. They aren’t stopping to think about how this works anymore, and they emotions are overriding the actual value.

Skills scale to level now, so let’s assume that you have a skill that at level 1, does 100 damage, and level 2 it does 200 damage, and it increments at that point all of the way up to level 85. AT which point it’d be 8,500 damage. So they say it’s too powerful at level 85. So they do a 12% nerf on the skill from the top down because what they are worried about is the future of end game and not needing to rebalanced *again* at 85.

So that means they take the percentage amount from the total skill at level 85, and run it backwards. Which means each level takes approximately 0.14% of a nerf. Which means over 5 levels you’ve lost 0.705% Damage. And over 85 levels you lose 12% over its values at level 85. So people who are at 80, screaming that they’ve lost thousands of DPS since the patch are full of it and want to just scream.