So today, is my oldest 11th birthday. He was excited to go to school today, he knew that his mom was coming with cupcakes. It’s a happy thing for him, for an autistic child, moments where he’s up before the crack of dawn, dressed and ready to go before the rest of us are awake are rare. We shipped him off to school. An hour later, My wife gets a call.

She has to go pick him up.

Because, he has the sniffles.  No fever, no rash, no headache, he was happy and excited. He proceeds to be in a good mood bouncing all over hell despite his disappointment of being required to leave.

The School district has decided that ANY child, regardless of the illness, is not allowed in school if they are sick. Do they realize that this means some kids will spend the ENTIRETY of the school winter semester year at home? It snowed today, it’s cold, you spend 10 minutes in the cold, an you’ll sniffle for a few minutes, it’s the nature of a natural body reaction. How freaking lame. I understand, and even sympathize that some parents have had child die, and it’s sad. it really is, but at what point to you draw the line? They are furthering the panic. Unnecessary panic. our bodies will not learn to fight off infections if we don’t get sick once in a while.

Alpine school district, Yes, you. In utah. I hope every one of you people who made this decision turns into a vampire robot nazi that is also a zombie.