Dear, Bill, Kerry, Richie T.

In today’s debate over education and partially making Fun of Richie T about some of his marriage requirements  I found myself heavily offended and insulted. I called in and was quickly blown off and then disconnected. The fact remains that you as the DJ who was asking for people to call in with opinions weren’t allowing many, myself included a chance to actually give them. But people you know you allowed plenty of air time to discuss them. This is your radio show and this is your right, but in my opinion you were practicing a form of favoritism if not discrimination.

That being said my opinion on the topic of education matter is as follows. While I will not debate that education is critically important,  I do feel that having a degree doesn’t guarantee any form of higher intelligence. There are lots of benefits from having one, additional Income, an example to your kids, something to fall back on while the economy continues to tank. However, this doesn’t mean you should pigeon hole yourself either.   Both my wife and I are constantly learning new things,  I have several certifications; some that I invested 150+ hours in, which in many cases is the equivalent  of a college education. The experience I’ve gained from self taught courses has been to me, more valuable than spending 4-6 years in college. The point is that everyone should strive to continue their education, wither or not they have a degree or even went to college in the first place. I think you (Richie T)should find a women who you can meet with on an intellectual level regardless of her college status.

This is also something you need to pass on to your kids. For example:  My kids are exposed to Mythbusters, Time warp,  and the History Channel, we’ve taken them to Clarks Planetarium, Thanksgiving Point, and The Living Planet Aquarium to expose them to things that aren’t being taught in the school system anymore. This list is a very short list of things we have done. There is a desperate need to teach them things that promote science and history, these are things that are severely lacking in today’s education system.  In 5-10 years it might be something else that is severely lacking. The “no child left behind” program  has stunted the education system in a way that has determinable effects on the education system as a whole, the long term effects we have not yet seen, but when it hits people will wonder what happened.  As parents we recognized that we needed to pick up the slack, not only in ourselves but in our children.

Do my wife and I have college degrees? No, we don’t. But this doesn’t make us less valuable members of society.

To the program as a whole. I’ve been a listener for nearly 20 years, this is the first time that I’ve had my intelligence insulted. I’ve been in complete agreement and support for many of the things you’ve said and done. (such as the Gay Marriage Billboard in 2002ish.) I view myself as a very open minded and intelligent person. I don’t think that I’ve ever had a desire to not listen to your program anymore until today. Needless to say you’ve left me with a bad taste in my mouth, and a more than a little disappointed.

Still a loyal (with some trepidation) Listener.