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Wow what nut jobs… (Fallen Earth MMO)

Over Thanksgiving, my Brother in law was telling me about a Free MMO called “Fallen Earth” that’s available on Steam. The premise is that it’s some odd ball year far in the future like 2338, and the earth, as it were, has fallen. You’re a clone, which has been reproduced over and over again, inside the Hoover dam.
The Dam came under attack by renegades and you were killed only to be resurrected somewhere else 3 years later. There’s a whole story as to why this happened and why it took how long it did, but honestly I was so unimpressed by most of the game I wasn’t paying that close attention. The world is desolate, people are using horses heavily again because most mediums of electronic transport is gone. People have cars and motorcycles, but you have to build them yourself, they are expensive to maintain, and break down easily, gas has a shelf life and it’s not easy to find. There’s no “Armor” or “Weapon” Loot, its all scraps that you have to make “this item” and then “this item” and “this item” and use those to make this other item. It’s heavily crafting required. It’s really not a very impressive game.
So last Sunday night I was playing Fallen Earth, and out of the blue I get a clan invite for “The Last Christian Order” I figured… what the hell.. So I clicked join. I get welcomed in and I thanked them, and instantly ask them about their name. “Are you all Christian, or is it just a title? Like ‘Templar’?”
The response I got was lengthy, but basically yes. They are, they have “Christian values” no swearing, no sex talk. They expect you to hold up the Christian moral code according to the bible. I’m starting to think that these people have never really READ the bible… To top off that cake, every Sunday they have a “prayer meeting” over vent.
I thought, okay… I know a couple of WoW (World of Warcraft) Guilds like that… Short of the bible thing, and the prayer meeting, that shit is weird. Even the people in WoW know that you cannot enforce that, it’s completely unreasonable.

So I asked “Is it required that I attend the prayer meeting?”
“No, but it is heavily recommended. And if it’s more convenient, the vent meetings are all recorded and I can have it emailed to me. “

“Heavily Recommended” I read this as “Either go to the prayer meeting or we’ll send it to you in any shape possible… there will be a quiz to determine your worthiness for the gates of lies”
uh… huh…
”So would you take in an agnostic or atheist?”

The response I got was “Yes, it would be good for them to find god, those people need it more than most. We shall convert them”
And “God will set you free” was among other responses that hurt my head.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to work here.”

And I left.
Why would you invite random people, that you have no previous knowledge about to your clan that is so very specific, with very specific requirements?  What a bunch of religious wack jobs.

Oh, and the UI is terrible…

D&D0 Just made my cool list.


So Apparently there is a Chinese gaming company who runs an MMO, who has declared a new policy. If you roll a Female character must prove that you are female! By Via Web cam conference.  But heck if you’re a chick you can run around as a guy all you want, but if you want to be a chick you have to prove your gender.. which I think is stupid. Anyway I read about this on MMORPG.com, and Jon Wood wrote a column about it. His last two paragraphs  (to me) summed up the whole issue with this policy.

“Now, I always like to follow up a good, long tirade about sexual identity up with a little bit of cold, hard logic. We’re talking about a freaking role playing game here. I mean, I’m allowed to ponce around the woods pretending I’m some kind of wizard or knight, whacking at things with my sword or wand. No one seems to have any issue with this concept. Nobody has any issue with me pretending to be any ridiculous thing that I like so long as that ridiculous things doesn’t have curves and boobies? Shenanigans! I call shenanigans on this foolishness.

Whatever your own personal politics might be about homosexual rights, cross dressing, transgendered persons or a host of other topics, I hope that we can all agree that taking these steps in a role-playing game is unnecessary and a little bit absurd. We’re not talking about real life here, we’re talking about a game. What’s next? Am I going to have to prove that I’m short and fat in order to play a Halfling? Give me a break”

And this right here fully illustrates why china is the worldwide leader in cause of death due to MMOs. The players are so fanatical they refuse to eat, or sleep, and probably bathe.  It’s a huge problem in Asia as a whole. Hell Square-Enix has got a warning on FFXI when you log in that in essence says: Yes this game is fun and involving, we know, but don’t be an idiot and go outside once in a while. There is a whole other place out there called ‘real world’.  It’s a screen that you are required to see EVERY time you log in. They don’t want to be the blame of some fanatical people killing themselves by not taking care of themselves.

And seriously what kind of person stays up and plays a game for 3 straight days without eating? Sleeping? Drinking?

The problem is the current people in charge of the Live Development is probably blizzards B-line developers. The ones who created it, had the vision of how it should function within all aspects of the game are probably on blizzards next biggest and greatest project and are no longer involved. Which means the gloves have come off, and the current team is likely not as experienced and is going to make more mistakes, (as apparent from the insane amount of bugs) but it also allows them more creativity, which shows with the Argent Tournaments.

Not to mention the amount of developer activity on the boards has skyrocketed, which in a way is GREAT. However it also seems to suggest that GhostCrawlers management isn’t really paying attention anymore. Anyone who has been around since the beginning knows that when WoW was new; a developer response was nearly impossible to find, and that’s because the focus was on what made it good.

Blizzard is treating WoW like most MMO’ companies treat theirs after they start dropping subs and interest — if you don’t believe me, and you’ve been around a while (which I know for millions of people WoW is their first and only MMO and are not privy to such opinions.) Take a look, At DAoC, EQ, CoH, DDO, AC1, and remember how these companies handled their MMO’s as they started to slow down and they moved on to their “Next project” and compare it how WoW has been Since The Sunwell Raid release. WoW is no longer Blizzards main priority, probably 5th down the list, which is sad considering it still has well over 10 mill subs, and I’m sure a massive chunk of those are sleepers. (people who pay, but don’t play.)

Blues are telling people “To check on the forums for updates” But isn’t that what the launcher is for? If you (at blizzard) are claiming “Lack of time” to update the launcher, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot. If you haven’t noticed the vast majority of people who are on the forums aren’t very nice or very reasonable and many will argue, if for no other reason than to have something to complain about. The ones you need to listen to are the ones who post extremely rarely and submit tickets rather than whining on the boards. If you do not have the time, then you’re changing too much too fast and you need to slow down and get it right the first time.

I’m not hating, I’m just showing examples and making the suggestion that they need to cut their teeth a little more, slow down A LOT and you’ll make less mistakes. It’s this knee jerk reaction that causes more problems than it fixes and it pisses people off.