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The Original

The Remix

A couple of people who commented on the Remix in the webby awards illustrated a very specific point that I have unable to put into proper words. I want to quote them directly.


“The main characters in Twilight seemed to embody antiquated, sexist gender stereotypes. Edward Cullen…spies on Bella, he stalks her (for “her own good”), he sneaks into her room to watch her sleep (without her consent) and even confesses to a deep, overpowering desire to kill her…


“Before you start talking about domestic violence maybe you should read Twilight or watch the books – sure it isn’t great to encourage violence but it is certainly better than encouraging millions of young women to embrace the idea that the most perfect relationship includes threats of violence and stalking, as Edward commonly does with Bella.”

It’s one thing to write a book based around vampires, it’s another thing to make them abusive to people they are supposedly completely enraptured and in love with. Yes, Spike and Drew were abusive to each other, but that was their nature! They were vampires! Joss didn’t humanize and romanticize them! They were mean horrible, Brutal and soulless creatures! Stephanie Myers has created and romanticized the idea that being a woman and being abused is perfectly acceptable for “the perfect relationship” where he has flaws that are “enduring and charming”, and the poor man can’t control himself despite his best efforts. Shame on you Myers. Seriously.

Read the notes of the guy who created it, the answer to the question What would Buffy Do?