Life will always continue as it always has been. Yes parts of it will make life more difficult, parts of it will be easier. But does the good out weigh the bad? It’s kind of like a haircut. It’s been shaggy and in the need of a trim for a really long time, And perhaps in this case it was cut to short, but we foster it and take care of it until it grows out into a manageable length that takes care of it’s needs without needing to fight with it every day. Laws have been abolished before, and it could happen again. Also, this wasn’t “Obamacare” as nearly every news station said it is. This isn’t Obama’s health care plan, this was fought over in the legislation for years. It was with Clinton and Bush and now Obama. But it doesn’t make it “HIS” Health care plan, he didn’t propose it. He said he’d back if it could be decided out in the other levels of the legislature.

Now if you stop to think about HMO’s and health care as of last Saturday, and you do the research you’ll find the IRS always and already controlled Health Care.Which is why it was limited to people who could pay. Because what else does the IRS do? Taxes? oh wait.. right right.. income tax is illegal and was abolished after WWII but we still pay it…  why? because people are greedy. So in essence, yes it’s more government control over health care, however now it’s not ENTIRELY in the hands of the IRS.

For me this is a pretty critical fact. As Amber knows, I am also a cancer surviver. What people do not know is that I did have health care at the time, but the health care plan I had was insufficient for my needs. There is a handful of ways you can change your health care plans in the middle of the year without open enrollment. One of which is Marriage.  I will be three years clean in April. My 3rd year of marriage to my awesome wife was yesterday. Could have I sorely used this health care plan 3 years ago? Oh by the gods yes I could have. I’m still paying off that medical debt, I know that Unless amber got REALLY lucky with her health insurance she likely is as well.

Is this an OPTIMAL plan? Oh, Hell no.  But that doesn’t mean we should hyper focus on the negative aspects of this. I’m not saying ignore them, I’m saying don’t hyper focus on it. You see what you send out to the world, you get back. In this case lets use the negative aspects that people are sorely abject to in this. They are pushing the negative parts REALLY hard. You are pushing that negativity out to the universe, The Universe as large has to maintain a balance as it always has, So it will push BACK with negativity, and you’ll get it back to you.

As china taken over?
Has the world ended?
Have we fallen to lord Voldermort and we’re all his muggle lackies?

Life might has been made harder for those of us paying for Health insurance, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the end of the world either, Life will go on. Adapt or suffer in your own tidal wave of negativity and unhappiness.

It’s your choice whether or not you choose how you live.