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Fallout MMO.

It was announced today that Interplay and Masthead Studios confirmed the rumors of a Fallout MMO to be true. Not only that they slated a Beta time frame, sometime in 2012.

A game about post apocalyptic America, set in a year that’s supposed to bring on the apocalypse, the irony is to too great to pass up. I will laugh with joy if they decide to do the beta in January, and the release on Dec 21th 2012.  Not to mention there will be much giggling of me and several of the men of my office… I like that it would be much to the sounds of which will be similar to that of small school aged children of the female persuasion.

Read about it here

Beer Fight!

I love Developers with a sense of humor, This was posted on Turbines website about the Christmas holiday event they are doing


The glorious beer is drawing quite a crowd to the Inn in Thorin’s Hall this year, and why should it not? It is boasting to be the finest brew in all of Middle-earth this season…but before you get excited and run over there with an empty flask (or five,) I should warn you that there is a sliiiiight problem. There is nowhere near enough of this delectable drink to go around. The beer is in perilously short supply at the Ale Hall, and this has made many festival patrons rather furious.

Luckily, they may vent their frustration as they scramble to pick up this rare treat before their fellows. Rare beer is not something to be taken lightly, after all. Yule may be a time for peace and good cheer, but there are some things worth fighting for.

This shameless content was first conceived by Raskolnikov, my shameless co-worker, who said “By gosh, it sure would be fun to make a festival event in which players can hit each other with the . If you make it, I’ll make the bat for you. And the effects. And the hotspots. I’ll make it safe, I swear. No one will get hurt….” He bet his job on this, by the way. A spot on the Systems team might be opening up soon at Turbine.

There’s this bat, you see. We devs feel powerful when we use it, but it’s supposed to be a secret. Why a secret? Because it’s mean to use the bat on fellow players. Unleashing the power of the bat would be a terrible thing indeed; it would be like giving The One Ring as a reward for completing the Epic storyline. But Rask promised that if I unleashed the beast, he would do his best to contain it.

I mulled on it for a few minutes and realized that this would not be all that difficult to implement, so we brought our cause before some people with far, far better judgment than ours. After many inter-departmental exchanges of hopes, fears, eye-rolling, nightmares, unicorn wishes, and doubts as to the logistics of an event like this, we are pleased to present you with the Glorious Beer-fight. I hope you enjoy your concussions and broken legs. May your sprained ankle bear you to glory!

Rise of the lich King

I don’t read many books, probably much to my detriment. But the ones I read most of the time I end up enjoying a lot. I find that I have to have a particular interest in the content of the book for me to read it.

The current one I’ve picked up is a WoW novel Written by Christine Golden. I have to say I like this womans writing style. This book is called Rise of the Lich King. It goes into detail into Arthas’s childhood into adulthood life. His training with Muradin, his Friendship with Varain. It’s a fascinating look at the now looming Big bad evil that is currently in play on the WoW Servers. I thought I’d be disappointed, as some of the comics written are inconsistent to the storyline that is built into the game. I was afraid that this would go into those depths, but must to my pleasure I must say it doesn’t. What I don’t like is that this book covers the first 3 wars on azeroth. And it covers the first two wars in the first 25 pages. There are details there that I would like to have explored a little more. I understand why it wasn’t though, this book is about arthas not about the Land of Azeroth.

Either way this book has been worth reading, and if you’re a WoW Lore junkie you’ll kick a huge kick out of it.

Turbine always gets it in the ass.

Actually I’ve been playing DDO, its very Diablo Esq. but let’s clear up a few misconceptions. The D&D Franchise is Owned by WOTC (Wizards of the coast.) not Atari. Atari is the managing company that is in charge do doing distribution.

Now seeing that DDO is using WOTC’s Licensing, and they (Being Turbine) had to get approval for it. And WOTC controlled EVERY aspect of the creative process, the game itself suffered a lot because WOTC played Big brother the entire time until 2 years after the game had been live.

For example, WOTC Demanded that Turbine make combat D&D type format. (I.E. More sterilized than Neverwinter Nights was.) Turbine argued and said “Not a good idea, it won’t’ translate well.” WOTC said “do it anyway.” So Turbine did. WOTC came out to visit to see how the game was going they put them on a server and said “This combat sucks… Why does it suck?” Turbine again told them “You told us to do it this way, and we told you it wouldn’t translate well.” and WOTC responded with “oh.. Then do it this way…” Turbine again told them “That’s better.. But it still doesn’t translate well; it’s going to bomb out if that’s what you want.” WOTC Said “Do it anyway ”

6 months later…

repeat the above situation.

Turbine had VERY little control over how the creative process was completed.

2 years after DDO when live Atari/WOTC backed out of their agreement and said “Meh whatever you want… but you have to pay us royalties.” Atari’s contract promised a certain amount of monetary support and Distribution for 5 years (I think, trying to remember details) they backed out 2 years into it. Turbine is actually in the Right on this one. The Fact that DDO is kind of a flop, the interface and user tools suck is because they didn’t get a chance to do them correctly, WOTC micromanaged everything.

Let’s take DDO and compare it to LOTRO. Turbine got creative freedom and rights from Tolkien enterprises in 2004, as a result. Lotro is doing phenomenally. Second biggest MMO on the market at the moment, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play. If Turbine was given the OPPORTUNITY to do what they felt was best in the first place, it wouldn’t be in the sorry state that it is in fact in.

This is the EXACT same situation that AC2 Got thrown into. MS micromanaged everything, ‘cept MS tried to shut down AC2 in 2003, and they were ORDERED by MS to stop development until contracts were fixed and turbine had Capital to purchase Ms’s rights away. That’s why we had 3 months which nearly NO content, they had about 2 weeks to do 6 weeks of work.

Saying this is turbines fault. is 50/50 – they got in bed with the wrong person for the right reasons… but they didn’t know it was the wrong person at the time until they came home with an STD, and a Tattoo that says “I love Bertha”

In the case of Atari, They went to Turbine and said “we need money or we’re going to have to shut down” Money that Turbine was finally making. They lent the money to Atari to keep them alive and kicking in the industry with the promise that Atari would repay it via contract agreement.

Atari NEVER upheld that agreement, then bailed on the process.

Now the Micro Transactions makes a shit ton of sense doesn’t it? With Atari not paying back the Debt, Lotro Subsidizing DDO (AC1 is paying for itself from my understanding… just fucking barely… but they are breaking even.) they needed income to keep their own heads above water. Does it bring down the level of the game? Sort of. But Micro transactions are not part of the rights they setup with Atari and WOTC; I believe the contract was only for SUBSCRIPTIONS. Therefore this goes back into Turbines pocket to keep them afloat. A Lot of people bitched, but it makes sense in order to keep going, and keep very smart, very intelligent people employed. I don’t think that Turbine fucked up DDO. IMO, it’s not their fault. It’s Atari’s/WOTC that DDO is in the state that it is in.


So Apparently there is a Chinese gaming company who runs an MMO, who has declared a new policy. If you roll a Female character must prove that you are female! By Via Web cam conference.  But heck if you’re a chick you can run around as a guy all you want, but if you want to be a chick you have to prove your gender.. which I think is stupid. Anyway I read about this on, and Jon Wood wrote a column about it. His last two paragraphs  (to me) summed up the whole issue with this policy.

“Now, I always like to follow up a good, long tirade about sexual identity up with a little bit of cold, hard logic. We’re talking about a freaking role playing game here. I mean, I’m allowed to ponce around the woods pretending I’m some kind of wizard or knight, whacking at things with my sword or wand. No one seems to have any issue with this concept. Nobody has any issue with me pretending to be any ridiculous thing that I like so long as that ridiculous things doesn’t have curves and boobies? Shenanigans! I call shenanigans on this foolishness.

Whatever your own personal politics might be about homosexual rights, cross dressing, transgendered persons or a host of other topics, I hope that we can all agree that taking these steps in a role-playing game is unnecessary and a little bit absurd. We’re not talking about real life here, we’re talking about a game. What’s next? Am I going to have to prove that I’m short and fat in order to play a Halfling? Give me a break”

And this right here fully illustrates why china is the worldwide leader in cause of death due to MMOs. The players are so fanatical they refuse to eat, or sleep, and probably bathe.  It’s a huge problem in Asia as a whole. Hell Square-Enix has got a warning on FFXI when you log in that in essence says: Yes this game is fun and involving, we know, but don’t be an idiot and go outside once in a while. There is a whole other place out there called ‘real world’.  It’s a screen that you are required to see EVERY time you log in. They don’t want to be the blame of some fanatical people killing themselves by not taking care of themselves.

And seriously what kind of person stays up and plays a game for 3 straight days without eating? Sleeping? Drinking?

When MMORPG fans get bored.

they do something like this


Dial up notice it’s like 22 megs.

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