I’m having one of those moments where I cannot wrap my head around the stupidity. A guy on my Google+ list picked up the new Wolfenstein game on which, on its label, it states very clearly that it contains violence, blood, gore, and contains sexual content. He then complained that it is the goriest most violent with not one, but two sex scenes, and it was the worst game he has played in the history of ever. He is shocked at how “bad it is.” And it’s not that he was saying he was bad because it was violent, not because the game itself was bad.

Here’s what I don’t understand. This game is rated M17+ he knew this when he picked it up. He admitted to having played older Wolfenstein titles but yet this first-person shooter is somehow more violent than other first-person shooters. He has clearly never played God of War, or Dragon Age, or watched basic television or movies to be exposed to sexual content. When I asked for a clarification. I assumed he has not played free many games as of late. He got really angry saying “how dare you make the assumption that I haven’t played any other games lately.” So I asked him what games have you played lately? He proceeded to list a half a dozen games intended for children. This man is in his late 30 and is somehow surprised that a first-person shooter was violent.
When the original Wolfenstein game was launched, it was considered an adult game, every Wolfenstein game released has been a violent first-person shooter. How he is surprised that this one is a violent first-person shooter is beyond me. I had to teach this late 30’s man what the ESRB rating was and explain to him that because he’s Mormon and M17+ rated game is like a rated R movie. it’s going bloody, violent, profane and likely contain sexual content. He was offended and annoyed with me.


Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is ignorance.