It’s really hard for my children to get away with anything at school because we get tweets, text messages, automated phone calls, and emails about EVERYTHING. Any of my kids sluff class, get in a fight, get a toy that they shouldn’t have taken to school taken away for a parent pick up, and we get notified. As much as my child are growing up in an age of electronics, and so many things are so much easier. it’s so much harder for them to get away with it.  I’m seriously waiting for the day that I get some kind of notification that says something like “Your child is guilty of chemical warfare, He dropped a ‘dirty bomb’ on his classmates.” On one hand I’ll be going “That’s my boy!” on the other… Why would you do that?! Chemical Warfare is never justified!

Both myself and my wife would ditch out, and race home or to the post office, and pick up the phone and say “yes they’re excused from school” or in my case, I had an extra key to the mailbox. My school would mail out pink slips, I’d go to the post office before my parents and pull the slip out of the mail before they saw it. I nearly got caught once or twice trying to make an hasty exit.

Yes, kids now days have it so easy, ridiculously easy, and yet they get away with so much less.