I wasn’t going to tell this, because it’s weird. But I figured, people who know me, already know how strange I am. So here it goes.

Last night I had this dream that I was a roadie for Aerosmith During their 1979-1980 Tour. Because you know, I was 3, and I would totally be an Aerosmith Roadie at 3 years old. Anyway, They were setting up a stage for a show and there was a guy trying to Tune a Guitar and failing miserably at it. Steven Tyler comes out and yells at him, on key mind you. “You can’t tune a F***ing Guitar!? I did the f***ing Impossible, I dated f***ing Enya! And you can’t Tune a f***ing guitar!”

I woke up at that point, and my first thought was “Why did Steven Tyler sound like Ozzy?”