My 9-year-old daughter opened the door when they knocked, saw the missionaries and instantly yelled for My wife. She went to the door, they announced who they were, and asked if they could come in. My wife informed them that she knew who they were and that we aren’t interested. One elder persisted, and stated that he could “help”. My wife informed them that we were formerly members and we are not any longer. The elders looked at each other in disbelief. The one asked as to why.

My wife explained in her open-handed way (and a lot nicer than I would have been) why, as she has her own list. Such as Jsmith taking 22 wives, some of them were only 14 years old, others who already had husbands who were still alive. She went into the inconsistencies of Church history, how there is a 4-year difference between when the first vision supposed to have happened and it really did happen according to what we are told all culminating in the established timeline making no sense. How if you read the “suggested reading” it makes sense, but if you read the whole thing and not just the suggested, the timeline is completely wrong.

She covered about 10 other subjects, as she covered each topic they took on a whiter level of pale. At some point, one elder tried to bring me into the conversation. “I’m not saying a word, you’re going to listen to her.” They then interrupted her and thanked her for her time walked away. She shut the door and said “Hmm I wonder if they are questioning themselves now. They probably didn’t like that you humanized me.”

This was last Tuesday. Friday evening, we got this in the mail from the local bishop.

My wife saw who it was from and stated “I must have scared the crap out of them, that’s a fast response and by snail mail. He’s too scared to come to the door no doubt”

He left me his personal phone number and address, I’m tempted to call him to tell him to remove me and my wife, from church records. The other part of me says that my parents sent the Missionaries when they found out that my sister who lives in my area is not LDS. They think that I’m “inactive” but still, believe and worry that my sister’s influence on me will make me leave. Little do they fully realize that I never bought into it. I was skipping out of the church from the age of 10, I didn’t want anything to do with it. As I got older, much to the persistence of my father I tried to believe, I did everything, absolutely everything I needed to do. The Moronic challenge, and went through the temple (which by and large is extremely cultic, it makes Pagan and Wiccan Rituals look like it was done by an amateur.) and I held a calling etc…  The longer I was involved the more depressed and unhappy I was.

My sister, I don’t think knew of  the extent of my distaste for religion as a whole until she brought it up to me and asked my opinion, I didn’t push my belief, or lack thereof on her, I answered her questions and allowed her to think through it and come to her own answers. However, when she “came out” to my parents they blamed me.  Frankly, I’m offended for my sister’s sake, I honestly feel like they didn’t think that she was smart enough to come to these conclusions on her own, that I had to brainwash her to get her to think for herself. What kind of parent does that?

Here’s what’s bothering me most of all about the whole thing. They knew who we were before they showed up. Which means this wasn’t accidental, they were intentionally sent to my door. People have the best of intentions, but they go about it the wrong way, I highly suspect that I know who it is, and frankly I’m a little put-off.