Edit: This is meant to be humor based on reality.


A few friends of mine are having women problems. As in they are flaky. The latest installment of this comes from a friend of mine who, honestly I’m comfortable enough in my own manhood to say that he’s an attractive guy with a killer sense of humor.

He’s been on a series of dates with Insert woman 1) 5-6 dates in, things are going spectacularly well. She sets up the next date, sets a time and a place. Promptly calls the next day and cancels saying that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. When he asked her why, what he did wrong she said that he’s not what she wants. So he asked her.”What do you want?”  Her response was “I don’t know.”

He went on a vent of a verbal frustration.

This is when I explained to him

Women don’t know what women want either. They have no idea. Tell me when she set up the date, did she ask you for ideas. Or what times? His answer was “yes” So she setup “your” date. She didn’t actually do it. You gave her the ideas and time frames and then told you that she set it up. Which is why it’s easy to ditch out or, or complain that you don’t care enough to do it yourself.

The fact is gentlemen; women don’t know what they want, they rarely do. It’s so rare to find a woman who actually knows what it is they want.

Ladies, When you ask your man “What do you want for dinner.” and his response is

“I don’t’ care”

He’s not being rude ignorant and flippant, he’s telling you the truth. As long as it’s edible, he not going to care. Don’t poison him and he’ll be happy to eat whatever that gets tossed his way. This is most men. I’m going to say most, because there those few that… eh well.  They’re more pansies then anything.  You know who I’m talking about. They are the “special kind” . Occasionally we have an opinion, and when we do, it gets overruled by you. Either you don’t want it, or it doesn’t sound good, or you had it for lunch.  Which that’s the other thing, we can have the same thing for 3 meals in two days and we’ll still eat it. We’re not picky.  But in the end we just learned to not give an option and not care because as soon as we do, you stomp on us.

This is evolution folks, this is where it has brought us. It’s like lions in the wild. The male stay with the pride and protect it. the women go out find food and bring it back. We’re still animals we’ll still eat almost anything.

but the difference and this is significant. The difference is that now we have a taste for Dijon or not