I miss the nexus. There, I said it.

I dislike the clear lack of direction of what you’re supposed to be doing in Darksouls. (DKS) Yes, yes, Ring the bells of awakening. The one is in a tower the other is somewhere else. However, finding the direction to said location isn’t exactly easy. There isn’t a lot of direction. I finally went and found a guide in the wiki to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing or what to do next or just what’s available to me. This was after I wandered into Darkroot right after killing the gargoyles and getting annihilated. The coined term is “prepare to die” it’s very much apropos.

I have a few thoughts, things that I’d like to point out.

I like the adjusted endurance burden for rolling. 25% vrs 50% roll speed.

I like the more finely tuned PVP. Demons souls (DS) PVP did seem like more of an afterthought. Although the people who are PVP’ing in DKS I’m mixed on.

There was a code of Honor in DS. As an invader if you jumped into another world who’s already been invaded, you generally await the outcome. You wait for them to heal, you bow. They bow back and you duel fairly.  While most of the invaders I’ve dealt with in DKS I think are the new  players. (I like to claim that they are Xbox players as to discriminate or stereo type them, terrible of me.) They will come at you 2-3 at a time which is a rough fight. But this is not always the case. I had one instance where I got invaded 3 times in about 30 seconds while farming in the darkroot forest. One of the three invaders literally bowed at me while I was fighting and stood in the corner and waited. So I was only fighting two of the 3 that invaded me. When I killed one of the two remaining and the second took a fireball to the face which took him down to about 10% health; he Left – he seemed unwilling to go for a fair fight.

I had a clean fair fight with the one who waited. He followed the “code of honor” that I came to expect from Veteran DS players.  (and I still lost.)

But the point is the one that bailed. He Jumped ship the moment he realized that it was 1 on 1. He wasn’t looking for a fair fight. That irritates me.

I *LOVE* Anor Londo, and the Painted world. Absolutely gorgeous graphically very well done. My wife refuses to watch me play unless I’m in one of those two areas. The rest creep her out.

Upgrading armor and weapons is MUCH easier in DKS, no more hoping that the damn crystal lizard in 4-1 drops my pure darkmoon stone. I’ve killed it 30 times and nothing. Once you’ve run out of spawns of gecko’s they’re just gone and you get to start over.

I dislike the magic charge system, it makes sense in my head for limitations, but it feels wrong.  If you want to be able to survive everything character  ends up being a melee .

I’m mixed on the estus flasks.

I can sell stuff for souls! no more carrying around or discarding useless crap.

Encumbered limit; for how much you can carry has changed in a good way.

I don’t know if Parry ever existed in Demons souls, I never needed it. But I’m sure glad for it in DKS. I find the timing on it difficult to do, but when you can one shot a knight that would normally take you 3-4 backstabs to kill, it’s gratifying. It makes me want to stand up and scream “WHO ELSE WANTS SOME!”

Boss Diffaculty. DS Vrs DkS

Tower knight > Iron Giant

FlameLurker /Armor Spider> Quelaag

Man Eaters = Gargoyles

(and I’m told ) King Allant > 4 Kings


Many of the Significant bosses in DS were insanely more difficult, you could cheese kill many of them if you knew how, but the point is many of us didn’t for a long time.  Many didn’t until their second or third playthrough DS.

The Downward thrust when jumping off of a ledge is awesome.

In DS Black Phantoms were to be Feared at ANY level. Their power was insane.

Specific classes in Dark Souls is much more difficult than demon souls. A pure Wanderer/thief Dex Build is rough as hell. it’s a punishing act to level that way.

Pyromancer = Royal. Most things are weak to either fire or lighting; with exception of Quelaag, and the Ceaseless Discharge.

The catacombs are a bitch, Unless you are welding an upgraded Divine weapon. Which I spent the time to grind out the souls to upgrade one to take in with me. Watching the skeletons I just killed, re-assemble themselves, made my heart drop, and I had one of those “oh… @%*&” moments. This was a conscience decision I made at that point.

Snippet of conversation from DS vet Kahalachan As posted from the Atlus forums:

It’s also hard to say for sure if Dark Souls is harder. We know Demon’s Souls and developed a set of Demon’s Souls logic. So Dark Souls is probably easier for us than it would be the average person.

So while we may not have died as often on Dark Souls, we can recognize that had we never touched Demon’s Souls in our lives and jumped onto Dark Souls it would have given us more problems than Demon’s Souls ever did.


I am going to agree with Kahalachan on his thoughts. I think Dark souls is easier for DS vets than most new players because we started with Demons Souls. We developed logic for it and tactical thoughts around how to deal with bosses that most new dark souls players don’t develop until nearly the end.

When I asked a friend of mine who never played DS, but picked up DKS how he liked it. his only response was “&$* that game.” He’s not even made it to the gargoyles yet, he’s still trying to get past the gate. When I explained the simple way to do it he got really annoyed.

A veteran DS player I will say that I believe that  we do think and approach this game differently than most. Which creates some frustration when we struggle with something. But I think that our frustration is likely considerable less than what a new player would experience.

Overall I love this game, but there are certain aspects of Demons Souls, that I miss.