EDIT: I apologize for the disjointed nature of this post. I had the thoughts but didn’t have the sufficient time to really gather them I’ll fix it later.

I was reading this  article yesterday, and it got me thinking about the group Anonymous. So far they’ve hit things that have not really hurt the public. In fact they took down another hacker group that did. I went looking for this to support my point here, and cannot find it now. I know it happened.

While The FBI and Scotland Yard may have arrested some members of anonymous, it only served to bolster their numbers, and they are not quiet about it. They’ve even been so bold as to outright warn Facebook that they are going down. Their reasons? Because Facebook sells your private information to corporate America. Because Mark Zuckerberg came out and said that Privacy is not important. Anonymous feels it is a direct violation of our own private rights as people regardless of country.

As I read the above article, some of their recent behavior struck me as strange. The basic content of the article is about whether or not Anonymous is padding Time Warner’s pockets. This turns out to be false when you do the math. This comes about because Anonymous uses the Guy Fawkes mask as their moniker. It is what, and how, they choose to identify themselves. The mask and the idea and the whole story is based off of a comic – most people know it as a movie called V for Vendetta. Which Time Warner owns the likeness to; however, as the writer of that story pointed out, While Time Warner owns the mask. Anonymous “OWNS” the mask, as it is, in its embodiment.

This is when it occurred to me. Anonymous will win. Anonymous isn’t the bad group here. They aren’t reckless vigilantes. They are showing us, what they feel, that we the people, have the right to see, to make our own government more transparent to us. Good, Bad, I’m not going to argue those points — that is totally based off your own point of view. My point of this particular blog is that Anonymous will win. They will win because, you cannot arrest, prosecute, execute, or assassinate an idea. You can however turn an idea into a Martyr.  People have already started to believe in what Anonymous stands for, if you attempt to kill that idea you’ll start a revolution. Scotland Yard, and the FBI made arrests, but from what I see only on the internet it only only served to bolster their numbers and increase their activity.

The snowball is moving down the hill.

History repeats, when people have built enough discontent for how they are treated people react and revolt, sometimes it just takes a couple hundred years.

If you do not believe me, do some research on American history and the civil war. We fought our way into freedom before, and it’ll happen again if things do not change.