I’ve driven from one coast to the next; I’ve lived in 4 different states, worked for several fortunes 500, and 200 companies. I’ve worked on products in development and Q&A that shipped to a combined total of 45 countries.

One thing remains consistent. Everywhere I go, I meet someone who has driven through Utah– more times than not I am asked if I grew up in Utah, I tell them yes, and they often ask where? I tell them “Fillmore” And 90-95% of the time the *FIRST* response I get is “Oh I’ve been there; I stopped to use the bathroom.” My follow up was “did you get gas as well?” Most of the time people say yes.

This is no exaggeration in that number. Yes 90-95% of you who’ve been to Utah have dropped the kids off at the pool at the Arby’s, Burger King, Del taco, or Larry’s Drive-in in Fillmore.

What amazes me about this is not only that so many people in so many remote corners of the country have not only been to Utah — but the only thing they have to say is “I’ve been to Fillmore, I used the toilet.” What does that proceed to tell you about how people think of the state?

Reno, Nevada has a sign that spans across the road that says  “Reno: The biggest little city in the world”

I think the city should Invest in a glowing neon sign that spans across I-15. It should proudly state “Fillmore: Welcome To Utah’s Toilet”