A guy I work with is from Singapore, he’s been in the states for about 20 years, but he’s never really followed American pop culture. Today we had this conversation

Me) “I love this customers name ‘Matt Damon’ I wonder how often he’s mistaken for the actor.”

Him) “Really? Matt Damon, that’s kind of funny.”

Me) “I had Robert smith earlier today.”

Him) “Robert smith?”

Me) “Yeah, do you know who that is?”

Him) “wasn’t he Joseph smith’s brother or some other Mormon thing?”

Me) “HAHAHAHAHA! No. He’s the lead singer of the cure.”

Him) “Who’s the cure”

Me) “It’s a band from the 80’s good music. I’ll get a picture.”

I then proceeded to find a picture of Robert Smith. I showed him the link below.

Me) “I present to you Robert Smith”

Him) “… oh. I didn’t know he was Edward Scissor hands.”