I posted this picture on G+ today.

Someone commented with how true it was, funny, and proceeded to wonder how long it took for Facebook to become a barren wasteland. I commented that it probably would not, it might however slowly fade away. People will still know about it, and some will continue to use the service. These people will either hate G+, or don’t want to change. This will probably happen to FB if G+ continues to take off like it did. I make this assumption because it’s what’s historically happened to most forms of social media. Take a look at live Journal, Or Dead Journal, How about MySpace? About every 2-4 years we get another new “innovated” Iteration of social media.

Facebook won’t up and die, it might slowly fade into the background but it’ll stick around for at least another 2 years before it moves onward and people say “Mark Zuckerberg? Didn’t he do Napster with that Sean Penn guy?”

But unless google royally screws up, which I don’t see them doing, I don’t think I’ll be leaving G+ any time soon, although I don’t know I’ll completely abandon FB yet either. FB games are annoying as hell, the spam is re-rentless, and yes they’ve given us controls to stop it from showing up, point is we should have an option to have it NEVER show up.  The privacy controls that Zuckerberg sneaks in every few days and seems to randomly disable are annoying. Zuckerberg doesn’t seem to think that Privacy is relevant anymore. While, do a limited degree the man has a point, but that doesn’t mean he’s right. Anything that has ever been put on the internet will forever be on the internet.


Don’t believe me, just Google up “the way back machine.”  it has archives back to 2001. It’s frightening. There are things that I wish I could export, pictures and status’s conversations with friends. A search feature through my own wall feed would be epic, but it will never happen. He’s become disillusioned and short sighted and will slowly become irrelevant.  I do hope that to some degree that they put up a fight and attempt to compete with G+. Seeing that at first, Zuckerberg was one of the most followed people on G+ up until a few weeks ago when he either fully blocked or banned his own account – either way, it’s no longer viewable. Now Leaving those reigns of the most followed to William Shatner.

I only continue to use it to keep in contact with a few family members. Mainly my parents, because I cannot foresee them switching, older people find new media types to be overwhelming. In the end Facebook has been like going to work, starts out good, get lazy, Take a break, then listen to people on my wall bitch because it doesn’t fit their needs. FB  you BITCH! You’re lucky I showed up!