I do not understand some parents. I got linked a blog off of G+ today that some parent who allows her 9 year old child free reign of the computer to have a Gmail account. When the child found that it had G+ access the child signed up and put in their birthday. Guess what. Following Federal guidelines Google banned the account. There is a law called the COPPA (Google it.) that talks about what is and is not okay content for children.

The child cried when they found that it had lost its email and G+ access. I keep referring the child to “it” because the parent wouldn’t give a gender specifically. Which brings into question of the Childs existence.

All the parent has to do is send in a paper that gives Google permissions to give services to the child — And the account would be re-instated. However the COPPA says that by doing this the parent acknowledges and accepts all legal repercussions and shall take “Full responsibility” of the internet activity of the child. The Parent in question is not willing to do this. If this issue is damn important to her then she should grow up and do the right thing, not get angry and threaten to sue Google for her being too lazy. The parent claims that by doing so you are just submitting to the control of the government. THEN MOVE lady. Don’t bitch because your feelbads are hurt because you cannot constantly distract the child allowing yourself to remain in a drunken stupor while your child surfs porn.

Take responsibility and be a parent, don’t be one of those that gives your child a computer and x-box then walk out and ignore them until they call you from Juvy. Because they were caught shoplifting a PS4. You are the type of parent that the rating system on games and movies were supplied for, you are the type of parent that needs be held responsible for your Childs actions or in actions due to neglect.
Don’t like the laws… MOVE otherwise stfu.