Facebook, twitter, Myspace, Blogspot, LiveJournal. These are all types of social media, but what has occurred to me lately is I go see my friends less often because of these media types. Now that we know that our friends are “looking forward to a beer and a movie” it make us less likely to call them and grab a case and head over? Are we all turning into seclusive narcissistic, apathetic, shut-ins?

Personally, I find I post in any of these media types more often when I’m depressed, or life is getting hard. Otherwise I post less often. When life is happy, I don’t share it as openly. This being the case, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that I partake in. I asked 5-6 people around here about their facebook accounts, and the people that they “hide” in their friends list. The question was why hide them. The biggest answers I got were “drama”, “negative”, “too much political crap”

As for these answer I’ve done it myself. I actually remove people who go ape shit on the political agenda. I don’t care to hear about the tea party and its blanket hate statements. For me people who are habitually negative, and create lots of drama get hidden. It’s my belief that if you surround yourself with negativity you become negative yourself. This is because of its influence. Negative is a very strong influence, and it’s an easy thing to do. It seems easier to be hateful than happy, to me It’s truly a choice to be negative. I feel that I was raised in a household where my mom, and the small city I grew up in was largely negative. And they are negative purely by choice. People complained about the local political agenda, they complained about the lack of water, and the heat. (you are farming in the desert, lack of water is given) And how much more expensive things are. People seem to have a very difficult time finding reasons to be happy. They can however, find a lot of reasons to be unhappy. The term “misery loves company” Seems to be pretty accurate in this regard. It took me a very long time to find reasons to be happy, and the more I do it. The easier it is to do.

So it seems, we need to be less social on facebook, and more social in person. Facebook is a medium, not the only available route. We should all spend less time at our PC’s and more time face to face.