Last friday, in commemoration of pac-man being 30 years old google changes their logo to a playable version.

Google Celebrating 30 years of Pac-man

This to me, was ingenious.

This morning I was pointed to another article.;jsessionid=UXFSVLVOSKLAZQE1GHPSKH4ATMY32JVN

This one citing that “Online denizens spent over 4.8 million hours playing Pac-Man on Friday”

Now, Pac-man was easily one of my first video games.  Most anyone over the age of 21 has seen or played pac-man, and at least knows what it is.  The insert coin button gave you two simultaneous players.  sharing the same lives, so you had to be careful. When I got to level 9 I realized that I had been playing too long and I had to force myself to stop for the day. 4.8 Million hours played in a 24 hour period. I’d believe it I know I contributed to a fair amount of time on it. I’ve had to keep myself from playing it again today now that I’ve found it again.

Addicting…  yet so nostalgic.

Props to Google, this was simply genius.

And incase you lived in a cave on friday. the pacman logo is still available to play