I wasn’t going to write about this because it’s everywhere but it’s finally getting under my nerves.
So a random Apple Employee “Accidently” left an Iphone 4g Prototype on a barstool. A guy found it. Contacted apple who blew him off. So he contacted the guy who ran Gizmodo, and sold it to him for 5k. Gizmodo then contacted Apple who said “No that’s not a prototype it’s fake” so They did a review on it and took it apart. GIzmodo made 220k in Revenue for showing the prototype. Apple then comes out and says “Oh okay.. yes it is.. can we have it back?” and Gizmodo returned the phone to them, as long as apple promised to not raid them.

Apple agreed.

A week later, The police raided his house confiscated 4 computers and the signed agreement from apple saying that they would not go after them, and now Apple is sueing for Stealing? Are you serious? Following which, they raided the guys house who FOUND the phone in the first place? Both people which if who ATTEMPTED to return the phone to Apple, both times to be told that no no it’s not the real one.

I’m disgusted with Apple and the way that they have handled themselves. This comes after closing the platform making apps far more restrictive. Removing apps from the appstore and then blaming someone else for a company mistake?

I cannot possibly be the only person finds this ridiculously stupid. I hope Steve Jobs pulls his head out ass soon. They opened being against big brother, not being like everyone else. They made a Statement when they went public which their ad campaigns. Now you ARE Being Big Brother. You ARE another Monolithic Microsoft-cloned asshole. I was seriously considering dropping Linux and Windows entirely to go to a MAC-OS platform. But if this is how you treat people who tried to RETURN a phone that your employee is responsible for losing? You break your promise to not raid someone’s house and then turned your back on your word and did it anyway?

You’re a damn communist Steve Jobs. Considering how you treat your employees and your avid and loyal customers, which I’ve covered in detail in a different post, you’re a controlling manipulative bastard. You’ve done this once before and it caused you to lose your company the first time 20 years ago. Maybe you remember it, and maybe you’ll stop yourself before you get your ass kicked out again.