So as someone pointed out. We have a ton of books that are several hundred years old that give in details world of another nature, Languages and ideas that simply do not exist in our lives at the present moment. But Seriously what if it was just a Guidebook to a game of tabletop?

Meaning, If in 700 years someone came across a D&D 3rd edition rulebook, they’d probably think it was some kind of biblical guide to how we lived our lives– Or we had some kind of alien visitation that advanced our technology, then mysteriously left.

“Hark! Thine holy city is destroyed! You take 2d6 Damage!”

How much do we REALLY know about our history, and what’s to assume that we aren’t reading too much into some of the “historical artifacts” that we’ve found. For example the dead sea scrolls. What if table top was outlawed so they played it out in a cave in the middle of no where so as to avoid being caught and executed for heresy!? The scrolls themselves are nothing more than a guidebook to the most epic game of tabletop ever!? This really isn’t out of the list of possibilities, seeing that I grew up in an era where D&D was outlawed entirely by my parents – as a lot of people cited it as being demonic, or satanic. Simply because they did not understand it. People didn’t understand it 20 years ago, and they were quick to reject and classify something has bad because it gave people ideas. There was nothing wrong with it, and if nothing else it’s encouragement to enable people (and kids) to use their imagination, and *GASP* Think for themselves! For me it would have been an escape of what I would easily classify growing up in the center of hell! There is no reason to suggestion that the same reaction would not have occurred 500 or 700, or even 1,000 years ago.

I’ve gone off on this rant before about how Comics are not bad for kids, it instills and brings about critical thinking. It’s exposure to science and history, a lot of things were based off of historical fact and ideology that would only exist because someone else though it up. I don’t see how Tabletop is any different. People freak out and panic over, and quickly reject or label something as bad before they understand what it is. It’s sad too, life for me growing up would have been very different if I had access to a tabletop Group, or someone to play Magic with.

On that train of thought these are the very reasons why I’ve been teaching my boys how to play Magic the Gather and the WoW TCG. I Started with WoW TCG because it’s a name, pictures, cards and spells they are familiar with. But it will instill Critical thinking in them, give them reason to think ahead of what they are doing. Give them a place to escape to that isn’t in a prefabricated world of someone else creations. Let them create their own and push the limits of their own imagination.