You know social media has taken a new meaning to it’s existence when the library of congress decides that twitter needs to be archived.

I can see some valid points to this, but I’m not so sure that this is a wise idea. On one hand, there are millions of tweets of people saying that perhaps that they just got a blowjob. People have been getting blowjobs through the beginning of time. This isn’t a surprise to anyone and isn’t worth saving, because in 100 years, people will still be getting blow jobs. On the other hand, if someone announced that they have the cure for cancer that would be worth saving. However, something of that magnitude would be done through different channels and wouldn’t likely make it to twitter until after the fact. That data would be archived in history books. So would the after effect, where everyone turned into creatures that ate others humans leaving only will smith alive to redeem humanity.

I’m not saying that twitter is worthless, but as one news reporter put it. it’s a big segment of our digital Heritage, and we’ve already lost so much of it. While I agree that it is a huge part of our global digital heritage I’m not sure that most of twitter is worth saving. If twitter was mostly legitimate I could more easily understand that, but it’s not. it’s millions of people bitching about their day to day activities. The only other reason I could see that The Library of congress would want this would be to be able to track criminal activities through time. At which point this is a government move and not one really intended for the purpose of humanity.

Either way, I’m going to start filling my twitter with messages about blow jobs in 140 characters or less. I must fulfill my part of what’s worth saving in our digital Heritage!
How tweet it is!
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