I’ve added a few new plug ins’ one is to post my blog entries as link to facebook. The second is an update to make it iphone friendly. I’ve not tried it on an android but that is the next step.

Also, I’ve had the opportunity to play with the iPad. while it’s cool and it looks like a massive version of the iphone/iPod it is slightly different.
The interface allows for new customizations that your iphone didn’t like putting up a wall paper behind your home screen. Pictures and movies look absolutely gorgeous, but the speakers that are used are pathetic. you really need your own headphones if you’re going to enjoy much of anything with it.

Drawback, no flash support. I love the fact that in a month or two there will be a version that will work on 3G if you purchase a data plan, and that’s awesome. but what’s the point of having it web capable and able to go anywhere if it does not support flash? IF you want a large movie player for your kids to watch in the back seat of the car it would be a great device if it was blue tooth capable to do that, but it’s not.

Honestly, it’s a nice.. gimmick. But I have to say that Apple failed on this one. When my contract is up with my iPhone I’m going to ditch it. I for one am horribly disappointed. I won’t even use this thing as an iPod afterwords, I’ll buy a Zune.

Apple’s lack of ability for customization over Windows machine is a complete slap in the face to the public. I hope apple gets their act together, because in this economy, they shouldn’t be taking risks.