I’m a little late on saying this I know. However, after what happened with Tiger Woods, everyone has an opinion. However, I don’t think that Tiger Woods owes me, or any of his sponsors an apology. He was forced to Issue a public apology to his fans? The only person whom he owed an apology to was his wife. The rest of you who feel so inclined or vindicated in demanding as much needs to get your ego filled head of your ass.

In my opinion, that he did finally Man up. When his wife found out and beat him with a golf club and chased him out of their house, he sat in court during her Court hearing and said nothing. Keeping her out of jail. He had it coming, and he knew he had it coming. In all truth of the matter, there is probably a part of him that feels relieved that that was all he got, and that it was all over. He did in my opinion the right thing, He kept her out of what was almost assuredly a jail sentence.

If you compare this to how Chris Brown handled his own set of infidelities which was to beat the shit out of Rihanna, Tiger handled himself like a man and dealt with it.

I’m not a Golf or a Tiger fan. But I think that there is a point where the american people need to let people fuck up their own life and leave them alone.