I cannot stand Your mama jokes. It shows the mentality of those who thinks it’s hilarious, I don’t understand it to be honest. Most them aren’t really in that offensive category for me, but they aren’t funny. I’d rather masturbate with razor blades than hear anymore “your mama” jokes. Why is it because I don’t perpetuate the ending of every other sentence with “your mama” that people think that I am some kind of stuck up self righteous jerk?

Google is buying into the ISP business, which I’m not terribly surprised with. in 2005 they bought some 30k miles of dark fiber and part of an undersea fiber pipe. Now they have announced a 1 gig bandwidth fiber to 50k-500k homes in the US as a test run. This comes on the same day that they released http://buzz.google.com. which I’m reserving my opinion on. A lot of people have compared it to facebook, I disagree. it’s more like a much more secure version of twitter. you have the option of making it public. or private to just a few people. You can set it up so only people in your contact groups can see you; plus things don’t get as lost as easily in buzz as they do in twitter. The reply setup is really wacked out on twitter and I don’t care of it at all.


Yes I have one. how I came about one is a bit amusing. I kept getting emails saying “Someone at twitter is following you” At the time I didn’t have one. so I went and checked it out the email was coming from spam, but I did sign up for a twitter account so the spam worked. I don’t really “Tweet” as they call it, and the people I follow ended up being Adam Savage, and Grant Imahara from mythbusters. So if it was a ploy to get me to make one, it worked. But in the end the only thing I ever ended up posting or “tweeting” was “I hate peas”.

Overheard at the office

“god.. if you’re going to ride my ass at least pull my hair”