“Here” The text message said when I picked up my phone.

I gathered my belongings and headed out the door like I did everyday at that time. I exit through the fire escape. it’s closer to my desk, and it’s easier to get out to my wife who was waiting in the car in the parking lot by now. Today was like most days, this was routine. I exited the fire escape and left the building. Off to my left are  series of windows that have never had the blinds pulled up. I’m sure there is people in those offices but I’ve never seen anyone. Except for one. One window always had its blind pulled up. There was a dark haired fair skinned lady she had prominent cheeks and interesting eyes. It was her eyes alone that got me to pay attention.  They were dark, and normally I pay no heed to dark eyed women, but hers was different. I never could figure out why. She was there nearly every day sitting at her desk at this time, focusing so intently on her computer monitor working that I hardly think that she noticed me.

Today was different.

Today as I walked by her window I looked in as I always did to see tears in her eyes and running down her face. She looked up, saw me and hid her face. Sadness ripped through  me like a seamstress ripping out threads of a garment that is in need of repair. It was slow, pricking, but painful. This woman who wasn’t particularly attractive to me, not to say that she wasn’t attractive… Just that she wasn’t my type, was in pain, in tears.  And I felt for her. She hide her eyes then turned her head to the man in the standing in her door. He had a genuine look of sadness and upmost concern on his face. You could tell that the man cared deeply about what was troubling the mysterious woman at the desk.  A part of me wanted to know what was wrong. Seeing her face so happily focused on her work affected me in a way that I didn’t understand. Now seeing her in tears I realized it was a far more personal thing. A fleeting glance that I occasionally got was something I looked forward too.  Her eyes were one of the few in my office that looked at me non judgingly. I dress different, and have long hair. I don’t fit in the demographic of the society of the state that I lived in. Her eyes made it seem okay. Divorce was the first thought I had in my head when I saw those tears and the pain. Divorce was something so extremely common in the state that I lived in. Statistics stated that 65% of all couple’s divorce in the first 5-6 years.  Her eyes have not been the same since. Although her face has returned back to the highly focused that it once was, her eyes are filled with sorrow and sadness.

I hope this women, who I will likely never meet, nor know the name of, finds happiness again one day. I hope that somehow she knows that I wish her well.