I love Developers with a sense of humor, This was posted on Turbines website about the Christmas holiday event they are doing


The glorious beer is drawing quite a crowd to the Inn in Thorin’s Hall this year, and why should it not? It is boasting to be the finest brew in all of Middle-earth this season…but before you get excited and run over there with an empty flask (or five,) I should warn you that there is a sliiiiight problem. There is nowhere near enough of this delectable drink to go around. The beer is in perilously short supply at the Ale Hall, and this has made many festival patrons rather furious.

Luckily, they may vent their frustration as they scramble to pick up this rare treat before their fellows. Rare beer is not something to be taken lightly, after all. Yule may be a time for peace and good cheer, but there are some things worth fighting for.

This shameless content was first conceived by Raskolnikov, my shameless co-worker, who said “By gosh, it sure would be fun to make a festival event in which players can hit each other with the . If you make it, I’ll make the bat for you. And the effects. And the hotspots. I’ll make it safe, I swear. No one will get hurt….” He bet his job on this, by the way. A spot on the Systems team might be opening up soon at Turbine.

There’s this bat, you see. We devs feel powerful when we use it, but it’s supposed to be a secret. Why a secret? Because it’s mean to use the bat on fellow players. Unleashing the power of the bat would be a terrible thing indeed; it would be like giving The One Ring as a reward for completing the Epic storyline. But Rask promised that if I unleashed the beast, he would do his best to contain it.

I mulled on it for a few minutes and realized that this would not be all that difficult to implement, so we brought our cause before some people with far, far better judgment than ours. After many inter-departmental exchanges of hopes, fears, eye-rolling, nightmares, unicorn wishes, and doubts as to the logistics of an event like this, we are pleased to present you with the Glorious Beer-fight. I hope you enjoy your concussions and broken legs. May your sprained ankle bear you to glory!